Allison Smith


If you want to breathe new life into your property, Allison Smith Design can help. Though based in Portland, Allison has spent three decades creating beautiful interior environments throughout the world. Customized interiors turn houses into homes and businesses into places customers want to return to. The right design delights the senses while nourishing the soul.
This full-service design studio provides everything you need from start to finish. It works on remodels of any size, including new-build designs. Whether you’re looking for help with residential or commercial property, Allison Smith Design is ready to help.
The team at Allison Smith Design is passionate about combining beauty and practicality into a cohesive whole. With Allison’s thirty years in the field, she brings a remarkable mix of formal and experiential knowledge to each project. She’s built her studio by composing a team of brilliant design consultants with sky-high enthusiasm.
But enough about Allison. The process is really about you: your needs, your lifestyle, and your preferences. With this studio, you’ll never go unheard. Your property should be more than beautiful; it should fit you like a glove, simultaneously lifting your mood and making your life easier. When you choose Allison Smith Design, you’ll receive attentive care from design consultants who believe your wishes come first.
Additionally, the design team knows that every structure is unique, and all of them have their own features that create particular demands and opportunities. Each property’s best traits deserve to shine. The team will determine those traits, both through observation and discussion with you, and push them to their full design potential.
Allison Smith Design uses only the best materials and products. Something as simple as high-quality fabric can be the difference between a lackluster look and a space that wows all who enter—not to mention the fact that excellent materials last. Your property might even benefit from custom furniture with designs straight from the gifted minds of Allison and her trusted contractors. After all, you don’t deserve “good enough.” You deserve perfection.
The team at Allison Smith Design is equally excited to work on residential and commercial spaces, including restaurants. Allison and her designers welcome jobs of any size. They have experience handling the entire design process from start to finish, even for the biggest, most challenging projects. Full-service design reduces your stress by letting you focus on your own life while knowing your property is in trusted hands.
The designers’ clear communication means that, though the studio does the heavy lifting—selecting materials, adjusting floor plans, designing furniture, placing accessories, and more—you’re never left in the dark. Every design detail is chosen with your goals in mind.
Of course, no studio is perfect for every single project. That’s why Allison Smith Design’s team will work with you to determine whether their skills suit your needs. Both sides deserve to be fully informed and comfortable before moving forward on such important projects.

What Is It Like to Work With Allison Smith Design?

This studio makes the process easy for you by following simple steps that create profound results.
When you get in touch, you’ll share some basic details about what you’re looking for: residential or commercial, remodel or new construction, budget, timeline, and anything else you want the team to know. After that, the design team will carefully review the information before contacting you to schedule an online meet-and-greet over Zoom. That’s when you and the team will determine whether to move forward.
Once that’s done, the next step is an in-person meeting to dig even deeper. A senior design consultant will visit your home or business, where you’ll give a tour, explain your lifestyle or business needs, and go over requirements and goals. The consultant will take note of it all while asking questions to fill in every blank.
With that information, your consultant will devise a concrete plan, including a description of project scope and a cost analysis. You’ll receive a project scope and cost analysis document, establishing a building plan based on your goals, describing project phases, and clarifying the necessities for completing each task. It will also include quotes, a list of possible contractors, and a detailed estimate of what individual aspects of the project will cost.
Then it will finally be time to complete the project! That involves sourcing materials and products, managing contractors, and regularly communicating with you so that you never have to face unpleasant surprises.

Best of all, your project will give back to the community. Allison Smith Design donates part of its proceeds to a worthy nonprofit, The American Autism Association. You can make your property beautiful and enhance the quality of life for people with autism at the same time.