Prize Kingdoms


the ultimate multiplayer board game that offers a gaming experience like no other! Embark on an epic journey where you can:

Roll Dice and Build Your Kingdom

Challenge your strategic skills by combining the thrill of rolling dice with the art of kingdom-building. With hundreds of unique boards to conquer, each game is a fresh adventure waiting to unfold.

Explore Exotic Worlds

Dive into dozens of enchanting and exotic realms, each brimming with its own set of mysteries and secrets to uncover. Roam through lush forests, mystical castles, and otherworldly landscapes as you seek untold treasures.

Daily Sweepstakes for Amazing Prizes

Immerse yourself in the excitement of daily sweepstakes! Collect valuable tickets as you roll the dice and stand a chance to win incredible prizes that will leave you awestruck. From gadgets to vacations, the rewards are as diverse as the worlds you’ll explore.
PRIZE KINGDOMS isn’t just a game; it’s a groundbreaking mobile gaming experience. It’s the FIRST and ONLY game to feature an integrated sweepstakes engine. Roll the dice to amass a wealth of loot, including tickets, gems, and coins. Then, use your hard-earned treasures to enhance your kingdom, unlock powerful in-game boosters, and even claim real-world prizes.
In PRIZE KINGDOMS, your journey is twofold: build your kingdom to greatness, all while competing with and crushing your opponents. It’s a world where strategy meets chance, and where the thrill of victory is coupled with the prospect of winning tangible rewards.
Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the most exciting gaming revolution in town. Join PRIZE KINGDOMS today and experience the magic of rolling dice, building kingdoms, winning real prizes, and dominating your rivals like never before.
Step into a realm of adventure and opportunity – PRIZE KINGDOMS awaits you!