Today, Shop Strange is known as one of the best screen printing shops in the Northwest. While it originally started in Boise, the organization has opened up a second storefront in Portland. As Shop Strange has grown in size, new customers have placed orders from throughout the United States. Despite its impressive growth, the custom apparel business is still run by the three visionaries who established the company in 2012.

What Is Shop Strange?

While it was originally started in Idaho, Shop Strange has grown from a three-person shop to a national brand. The organization provides screen printing, embroidery, and promotional items to businesses throughout the country. If you are searching for custom apparel or a new graphic design, Shop Strange’s team of professional artists can help.

How Did Shop Strange Get Started?

Shop Strange was started by Justin Campbell and Kris Zahm in 2012. Originally, the pair began selling custom apparel in Boise. To improve their leadership team, they partnered with Danny Beaumont in 2013.

The three visionaries worked long hours as they tried to build their new company. Instead of making large batches of custom apparel and operating at scale, they would create single items just to bring in new customers. Eventually, their hard work began to pay off. They hosted disc golf tournaments and made apparel for the players.

Since those early days, Shop Strange has become the top-rated print shop in the Northwest. Businesses around the nation have turned to Shop Strange to get custom branding. In addition, the company’s success has allowed it to open up a second location in Portland as well.

Shop Strange’s Services

While Shop Strange is known for its custom screen printing, it also offers a variety of other services. Customers come to Shop Strange for its promotional items, embroidery, graphic design, and displays. While many customers are local residents in Oregon or Idaho, the online storefront regularly draws clients from around the county.

Screen Printing

If you want to put your logo onto a shirt or sweatshirt, screen printing is an excellent option. It can be done for any logo that contains one to seven colors. Basically, this printing technique uses a mesh screen to transfer ink onto apparel.

During the process, a squeegee is pulled along the screen to fill the mesh area with ink. Then, the apparel item is put into a special dryer to warm it up and help the ink cure. This allows the ink to last through normal washer and dryer cycles.

Each round of screen printing involves just one color. If you want multiple colors in your design, you have to perform the same process with each color. Thanks to its state-of-the-art presses, Shop Strange can ensure that every apparel item has a high-quality result.

Promotional Items

Many businesses give away pens, mugs, and other promotional items. Shop Strange can help you create freebies and swag for conferences, trade shows, and guerrilla marketing campaigns. The overall price will depend on the type of item and how you want to customize it.


Instead of screen printing, you can use embroidery to customize your favorite clothes. The Tajima embroidery machine can be used on any fabric size. It uses a needle and thread to add unique designs to blankets, denim items, dress shirts, coats, hats, and golf shirts.

Graphic Design

If you need a logo, Shop Strange can help. Their graphic designers can bring to life your brand’s image. After the professional artists create the initial design, you can give them feedback about it. They will keep creating new drafts of the design until you are completely happy with your final results.


Before you go to another trade show, you need to create the right display for your table. Shop Strange can help you make a banner or display to advertise a new product release or showcase your company’s services. You can find simple banners and full packages, so there is something for every budget.

Discover a Seamless Buying Process

Shop Strange is known for making top-notch apparel, but this is not the quality that truly sets it apart. This organization is exceptional because of its commitment to its customers. Early on, the shop grew because its founders called every name in the phone book to bring in clients. This drive and dedication paid off. Today, customers return the favor by spreading the word about Shop Strange’s excellent customer service, speedy turnaround times, and high-quality results.