Welcome to Manzanita, Oregon!

Manzanita is a charming coastal town tucked away between Neahkahnie Mountain and Nehalem Bay. The bright, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, however, are the main focal point for this small town. The calming ocean waters smoothly and gently roll into Manzanita’s shore like a soothing balm to the soul. 

The local residents in Manzanita enjoy their laidback, day-to-day routines as they soak in the serenity of the sea and the coziness of being tucked away and sheltered by the natural geographical landmarks. The location truly feels like a cozy haven from the rest of the world. 

The scenic town is a retreat for most folks and offers a fantastic setting for fishing. You can find incredible catches of trout, sturgeon, salmon, crab, clams, and so much more. Furthermore, the scenic area is becoming increasingly popular for the retirement years. I assure you that you will never grow tired and weary of the striking cliffs, the soothing sea sounds, and the brilliantly blue waters. Furthermore, the local residents are friendly and welcoming. 

Whether you are seeking a place to retire or in search of your greatest next adventure, Manzanita should be added to your travel list. Let’s take a deeper look into everything that makes Manzanita so special.

This. Is. Manzanita.

Where is Manzanita, Oregon?

If you’re a geography guru and have never heard of Manzanita, Oregon before, don’t worry. 

“Manzanita is the cutest little town we visit every summer. It’s peaceful and beautiful. Walking the beach is our favorite daily activity! “
– Recent Visitor

Manzanita is located on the northern end of the Oregon coast. It’s approximately 98 miles West of Portland (1 hour and 57 minute drive) and has an elevation of 20 feet. If you fly into Portland and rent a car, you will have a beautiful through Portland and over the coastal mountain range on highway 26. Then head down a windy highway 53 right to Manzanita.  

The Population of Manzanita

Manzanita has approximately 670 residents living within its borders. Therefore, if you are searching for a fairly remote, secluded, and private community to plant your roots in, Manzanita just might be the place for you. While Manzanita is becoming more known to the rest of the country, it’s not expected to have a growing population beyond the typical tourist season. After all, there are only so many places in this tiny nook town to invest in! 

The average age for a Manzanita resident is 48 years and the average number of people in one household is 2.2. As you can see, the town is slightly older than the U.S. average age of 37. 

I have listed more interesting population statistics below:

* Married couples in Manzanita: 65% of the population.

* Married couples with children in Manzanita: 13% of the population.

* Divorced couples in Manzanita: 10% of the population.

* Single parents in Manzanita: 16% of the population.

Manzanita and Neighboring Towns

Manzanita is a coastal town situated in the top western corner of Tillamook County, Oregon. It is located on the infamous Oregon Highway 101 and is situated 25 miles south of the coastal town of Seaside and 25 miles north of the Oregon cheese capital, Tillamook. This is a perfect location to be within easy reach to other popular Oregon coastal towns. (Seaside and Cannon Beach have been featured in Hollywood films throughout the years.) 

Should you wish to learn more about the area, I have a list of the nearby towns and cities to Manzanita below:

Cities and Towns near Manzanita:

  • Nehalem, Oregon: 6 miles SE. 
  • Wheeler, Oregon: 6.77 miles SE.
  • Cannon Beach, Oregon: 8.35 miles NE.
  • Rockaway Beach, Oregon: 12 miles S.
  • Netarts, Oregon: 23 miles SE. 
  • Tillamook, Oregon: 24.35 miles SE. 
  • Seaside, Oregon: 25 miles N. 
  • Portland, Oregon: 92 miles 

As you can see, Manzanita has several close neighbors within easy reach. Tillamook and Seaside have the highest populations for the nearest towns. Manzanita has quite a few residents who commute to work in Tillamook and Seaside on a daily basis. Furthermore, Portland is only an hour away should you need anything important from a large city. 

Geographical Landscape and Climate for Manzanita

The cozy village town of Manzanita is located in the far northern portion of Tillamook County in the coastal region of Oregon. It is nestled between Neahkahnie Mountain and Nehalem Bay and bordered by the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. 

Manzanita is located in the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is known for receiving a lot of rainfall each year. Manzanita is not the exception to that key climate behavior. The coastal town receives, on average, an incredible 95 inches of rainfall per year. To have a good comparison, the United States, on average, receives 38 inches of rainfall per year. You can expect to receive rain in Manzanita on approximately 186 days out of a year. If you love sunshine, don’t fret. Manzanita does receive approximately 135 days of sunshine in a year. 

While the coastal town receives plentiful rainfall in a year, it receives almost no snow. You can expect, at most, an inch of snow in any given year for Manzanita. I’m sorry; you won’t be building any snowmen in this Oregonian coastal town. 

The temperatures in Manzanita are fairly mild throughout the year. The average high temperature in the summertime is around 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest wintertime temperature is approximately 38 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, don’t be fooled by the mild temperatures. Manzanita encountered their first tornado on record in October 2016. What started out as a waterspout turned into a tornado as it rolled from water onto land. While there were many buildings damaged in the paradise town, there were no injuries. The event was significant enough for the mayor to issue a state of emergency. 

Manzanita beach

Outdoor Recreation in Manzanita

In Manzanita, there’s always something to do. The fishing opportunities are nearly endless. The sights to behold are out of this world. The places to stay are so cozy that you will never want to leave. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite places in Manzanita. 

Activities Include:

Plan your stay at the Awtrey House

If you are a devout NBA fan, then look no further than the Awtrey House. In fact, you may have recognized the name of the house! Dennis Awtrey, a former NBA player, and his wife, Peggy, run this charming bed and breakfast. They prepare breakfast every morning while mesmerizing guests with his NBA stories. 

The bed and breakfast home is nestled between the town and the strikingly beautiful Neahkahnie Cliffs. The home faces the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean and will absolutely captivate you with its cozy yet contemporary setting. 

In your bedroom, you will find coffee makers, beverages of your choice, and a large bathtub for late-night soaks. It just doesn’t get any better than that, folks. 

Embark on the cabin life

Perhaps you would prefer to experience the simpler life and have a stay at one of Manzanita’s six coastal cabins. The private cabins along the shore are perfect for a cozy getaway. You may choose from a one or two-story cabin and a larger ranch-style cabin. Around the private beach cabins, you will enjoy colorful gardens, a cozy fire pit, and a small wooded area. The cabin amenities include full or partial kitchens, a dry sauna, an outdoor hot tub, and grilling stations. The cabins are also within walking distance to nearly anything in Manzanita. It’s the perfect romantic getaway. 

Have a meal at the Big Wave Café

You cannot visit Manzanita without enjoying a meal at the Big Wave Cafe. The locals come here to have their breakfast with the daily newspaper in hand. Others come for dinner after a long day of work. The breakfast menu includes, but is not limited to, items such as homemade banana bread with fruit and tasty omelets. Their gourmet coffee is the best in town! During the weekends, they provide a waffle bar where you can choose your own toppings such as fruit, whipped cream, and syrups. (Strawberry syrup is my favorite!)

The dinner menu is equally fantastic with menu items such as steak and the best seafood in town. For dessert, I suggest trying their Bananas Foster with vanilla ice cream. You will thank me later.

The Economy of Manzanita

If you wish to move permanently to Manzanita, please take a look at the basic economics of the town. This can give you an idea of what to expect and also determine if you should find work within town or in a nearby city. 

* The unemployment rate in Manzanita is currently at 7.2%.

* The average yearly income for a Manzanita resident is currently $22,680.

* The median household income in Manzanita is currently $48,000.

* The current sales tax rate in Manzanita is a glorious 0%! (The state of Oregon does not impose a sales tax on its residents.)

* The current income tax rate in Manzanita is 9%.

The best paying jobs in Manzanita are in the Management field. These job positions pay, on average, $50,000 a year. 

The worst paying jobs in Manzanita are in the Sales field with an average yearly salary of $10,000. 

The highest paid industry careers in Manzanita are in the following three fields: Professional Services, Scientific Research, and Technical Services. They, on average, pay a yearly salary of $71,000. 

The lowest paid industry careers in Manzanita are in the following three fields: Recreation, Entertainment, and Arts. They pay, on average, a yearly salary of $8,000. 

The History of Manzanita

The Hollywood film, The Goonies, was filmed up the road from Manzanita and featured a storyline about gold and treasure hunting. What if I told you that Manzanita has a real life treasure hunt history? 

Legend has it that gold treasure is buried on top of Neahkahnie Mountain. Many people over the last century have grabbed treasure maps and shovels in search of this great treasure. Long ago, in the 1600s, sailors arrived and carried a treasure chest to the top of Neahkanie Mountain. The sailors buried the treasure chest along with a slayed slave. According to oral tradition, this supposedly placed a curse on the buried treasure. 

To this day, folks have not found the treasure. I encourage you to embark on a treasure hunt for yourself to see if you have any luck in finding the buried treasure.

Manzanita Real Estate

Real Estate and Relocation Considerations in Manzanita

The average home cost in Manzanita is currently $600,000. Home appreciation has increased in the last decade by 8.6%. It has been hanging in there steady at 56%. 

The average age of homes in Manzanita is approximately 31 years old. This is relatively young for a home purchase! 

Approximately 4% of the residents in Manzanita are renters. There are roughly 5.4% of available homes for rent in town. Should you decide that making a home purchase is not the best option for you, I would recommend finding a home to rent.

Explore Neighborhoods in Manzanita

Moving to Manzanita can be a big decision for many, especially families. It is always good to research the different areas and neighborhoods before you make any kid of move. We are here to help with that process.

Below is a list of neighborhoods in Manzanita. Each neighborhood has a link to a page further talking about it.

North Manzanita
South Manzanita
Downtown Manzanita

We Look Forward to Seeing You in Manzanita!

Now that you’ve been given the brief overview of the lovely town of Manzanita, what do you say? Are you ready for that move? Spend the day in Manzanita and think about it more. You’ll meet friendly people and make new friends. Manzanita, Oregon has so much to offer!


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