Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Seaside Oregon

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Feb 3, 2022 / 8:07 pm

Fun Things To Do In Seaside Oregon
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If you’re looking to make the move to Seaside, you’ll be happy to know there is plenty to do and enjoy in the region. The following are some favorite things to do in Seaside, Oregon, including activities to do on a rainy day and with the kids.

1. Take a Walk Along the Famous Seaside Promenade

If you love taking evening sunset strolls, One of the most iconic places in Seaside is the Promenade. Known officially by locals at “The Prom,” this boardwalk features a mile and a half of beautiful ocean views. The original “Prom” was built with wood, but today it is made out of concrete for pedestrian convenience and to make it more durable.

Traveling along the Seaside Promenade is an excellent way to end or start a day. You can walk, jog, or take a bike down the pathway to take in everything the Prom has to offer. Along this mile-and-a-half stretch, you’ll see sandy dunes on the beach, striking views of the Pacific Ocean, seagulls walking along the sand, quaint cottage architecture, and historical buildings. You’ll even see the End of the Trail statue commemorating Lewis and Clark’s arrival.

2. Visit the Seaside Turnaround

Whether you move to or visit Seaside, no trip to the coast is complete without visiting the Lewis and Clark Turnaround statue. The long expedition finally ended right in Seaside when the group arrived at the Pacific Ocean, and the Turnaround marks roughly where the explorers visited back in the 1800s. There is also a sculpture of Lewis and Clark overlooking traffic at the commemorative marker.

Like the Prom, the Turnaround is one of the most iconic parts of Seaside; taking the time to visit the landmark can help establish the historical culture and importance of the Oregon town in a larger context. Be sure to have a camera ready so you can snap a photo of the statue.

3. Spend the Day at the Beach in Seaside

After eating breakfast at one of Seaside’s amazing restaurants, it’s time to pack up your gear and head down to the beach  to spend the day! Seaside beach is known as one of the best flat sandy beaches in Oregon, and is the perfect place to unwind. The beach is approximately 1.5 miles long and has plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your only little section of paradise. There’s 3 convenient restroom options including at The Cove, at the Seaside Turnaround, and at the 12th Avenue Beach Access. The Pacific Ocean is cold and dangerous so it’s sound advice to keep your distance. Seaside does have one of the Oregon Coasts only seasonal lifeguard programs, but we highly recommend not going out into the ocean.

4. Learn about the Lewis and Clark Saltworks

Seaside is home to the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical parks complex, and an important aspect of that is the Saltworks. After the Lewis and Clark expedition set up camp in Seaside in 1805, the team needed to figure out how to get through the winter months without a steady salt supply.

Their solution was to create a unique furnace system that boiled the local ocean water to extract its salt. The actual furnace they built out of stone still exists today, and you can see it at the Lewis and Clark Saltworks. Here, you can learn about the hardships the team faced during its expedition. This landmark is a unique part of history that you must experience at least once in your life, and you can visit it all year round. However, it’s a good idea to call ahead to check for closures during inclement weather.

5. Take a Hike Across Tillamook Head

Located between in Ecola State Park and Seaside Beach, Tillamook Head is an incredible natural rock formation that even impressed William Clark; he wrote about the stunning view after visiting Tillamook. If you’re just looking for the view, be sure to visit one of the higher vantage points for a more impressive view of the Head, and you’ll understand why Tillamook struck Clark.

Tillamook Head offers plenty of activities, but the most popular ones are hiking around the Head’s trails and walking to the bluff itself via the Seaside side or the Indian Beach access. Keep in mind that it is difficult to wander the paths toward the ridge, so avoid this area if you are not used to the activity. Always assess hiking conditions before starting any trail.

6. Visit Seasides Historical buildings

Suppose you’re curious about Seaside history that doesn’t involve the expedition. In that case, you can visit three historic sites to learn more about local history: the historic Gilbert Inn, the Seaside Museum & Historical Society, and the Butterfield Cottage. These buildings are generally open all year round, but they may sometimes closed on certain weekdays.

7. Feed the Seals at the Seaside Aquarium

If you have young children, feeding the seals at the Seaside Aquarium is the perfect family friendly activity! For more than 80 years, people have been visiting the Seaside Aquarium to feed the seals. These seals are not your regular ocean variety, to say these seals are spoiled is an understatement! It’s a safe and fun activity for everyone in the family. There’s also many other amazing aquatic creatures to check out at the Seaside Aquarium so it’s definitely worth a visit!

8. Visit the Seaside Carousel Mall

The Seaside Carousel Mall is one of the largest indoor malls on the Oregon Coast and the prefect family activity for rainy days in Seaside. Located in the heart of Seaside on Broadway Street, the mall features many interesting shops and food options, centered around an old-fashioned historic carousel ride. Built in 1985 at the former site of the Bungalow Dance Hall, the Carousel Mall is a “must visit” attraction when spending time in Seaside.

9. Go Surfing in the Pacific Ocean

There’s many different options for great surf on the North Oregon Coast including Seaside, Short Sands Beach, and Indian Beach. If you’re new to surfing rest assured that Seaside has plenty of great surfing instructors. Seaside is also home to two great surf shops, Cleanliness Surf and Seaside Surf Shop. Whether this is your first time surfing or your a seasoned professional, there’s lots of options on the North Oregon Coast.

10. Dine at Seaside Many Great Restaurants

Seaside is known for a large variety of restaurants, cafes coffee shops and bars. The majority of which are located on the famous Broadway Street, but you will also fine a few great options on Highway 101 and also on Avenue U Street on the South side of town. If you’re looking for Breakfast, lunch or dinner there’s a restaurant that’s a perfect fit. Featuring a large variety of cuisine options, Seaside is best known for it’s Seafood including many famous Clam Chowder options. Seaside also has one of the best bar scenes on the Oregon Coast featuring live music or karaoke on most weekends.

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