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Oregon Coast Campgrounds
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15 Amazing Oregon Coast Campgrounds To Stay At

The coast of Oregon is known for its pristine beaches, natural wildlife and rich history. It’s also known for the famous Oregon Coast Trail in which travelers, hikers, and adventurous wanderers enjoy. So why not add camping to the list? Have you ever enjoyed a seaside campground before? Let me tell you: You are missing out if you’ve never experienced an Oregon Coast campground!

Picture yourself nestled underneath the stars and the slow, steady sound of ocean waves lulling you to a sweet night’s slumber. This is what it’s like to camp on the coast. Whether you prefer to camp in a tent or an RV, the Oregon Coast has campgrounds dotted up and down the 360-mile stretch of coastline.

I have compiled a list of incredible camping grounds along the Oregon coastline. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list! Oregon has seaside campgrounds GALORE. However, take a peek at the ones mentioned here and YOU plan your next adventure underneath the stars!

1. Humbug Mountain State Park

Nestled at the base of Humbug Mountain, this campground and park offers some of the warmest coastline weather. You can thank the mountains for that wind protection!

The campground is equipped with 56 tent sites and 39 RV sites with water and electricity. It’s rather spacious and provides ample opportunities for activities such as windsurfing, hiking and scuba diving.


Tent: $17

RV: $24

Find More Info Here: Website

2. Wright’s for Camping

Located near the famous Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock, Wright’s is a family owned and family oriented campground. I mean, who wouldn’t want to camp out where The Goonies movie was filmed?

This campground only allows tents and has 22 camping sites. The campground offers a comfortable outdoor experience as they provide showers, water and a laundry site!


$45 a night

Find More Info Here: Website

3. Tillicum Beach Campground

This is also a seaside campground located in the Siuslaw National Forest region in Yachats, Oregon. It has tent and RV sites with water and toilets. However, there are no showers available.

This is an ideal camping location for whale watching! It’s a great family getaway with a wonderful microbiology lesson.

Due to the whale watching, Tillicum is a popular campground. Thus, I recommend that you call and make reservations before showing up.

Pricing: $25 a night

Find More Info Here: Website

4. Nehalem Bay State Park

Nehalem Bay State Park is located just a few miles south of Manzanita. This beautiful camping site is actually on a large sand dune that extends four miles! It is the barrier between the Pacific Ocean and Nehalem Bay. This offers a unique experience that the whole family is sure to love!

The campground is equipped for RV, tent and yurt campers. In fact, the park has 18 yurts available for rent, and the entire park has 260 electrical camping sites.

There’s no better place to soak in the sea air than on an isolated sand dune.


Yurts: $50

Everything else: $31 a night

Find More Info Here: Website

5. Honey Bear by the Sea

Honey Bear by the Sea is one of the largest seaside camping sites on the Pacific Coast. Let me just say that this place has it all! In addition to having a beautiful campground, it also has a spectacular RV resort with over 50 acres to enjoy.

Not only do you have the sandy beaches and alluring Pacific waters, but you also have trickling creeks, wide open meadows, natural hot springs, and breathtaking wood trees. this is well worth the trip!


Tent: $30

RV: $40

Find More Info Here: Website

6. Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

Located near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park is a delight to all who visit it. While it’s smaller than many of the other parks along the Oregon coast, the charm far outweighs the others. You can visit the lighthouse and enjoy impeccable views from it. (If you’re a huge lighthouse fan like I am, this campground may be just for you!)

Many visitors also enjoy fishing, swimming and boating on the nearby Lake Marie. You may choose to reside in a tent, RV, yurt or a cabin! (And these cabins are classic, rustic structures that give of Lewis and Clark vibes.)


Tent: $19

RV: $31

Yurt: $43

Cabin: $82

Find More Info Here: Website

7. Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park offers one of the best campgrounds on the coast of Oregon. Why? For one, it is home to the famous Bird Island where many of Oregon’s beautiful and rare birds call home. The clean beaches, spectacular rock formations, whale sightings and impeccable ocean views are only a few of the reasons people flock to this part of the Oregon coastline.

The town of Brookings is a short drive away should you need the ingredients for campfire s’mores. Moreover, the campground offers tent, RV and yurt sites for rent.


Tent: $20

RV: $32

Yurt: $45

Find More Info Here: Website

8. Warrenton KOA

Perhaps you’re an avid hiker AND camper. The outdoors beckons you for your time more and more. If that describes you then look no further than Seaside KOA. This campground sits where the great Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. You can embark on hiking adventures by day and enjoy the hot tub by night.

Warrenton KOA also provides activities such as bike rentals, whale watching, beach combing, miniature golf, indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It allows for tent and RV camping.


$55 a night

Find More Info Here: Website

9. Cape Blanco State Park

Cape Blanco State Park is located in extreme Western Oregon. If you’re desiring a campground with open spaces and few people, this one is a great choice! It has over eight miles of hiking trails to keep you busy and fit. Let’s not forget the picturesque ocean views from those endless hiking trails!

One thing I especially love about this spacious campground is the view of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. Combine all of those goodies with a crackling campfire and you have me sold!

This campground is great for tent and RV camping. However, there are no reservations so be sure to get there first! It’s a first come, first served rental ordeal with 52 electrical sites overall.


$24 a night

Find More Info Here: Website

10. Sunset Bay State Park

The name says it all. Sunset Bay State Park has some of the BEST sunset views in all of the Oregon coastline. If you want to camp out in absolutely breathtaking scenery, Sunset Bay is for you. The tall rock cliffs, white beaches and Pacific Ocean views are camera worthy at every angle.

You will also enjoy the hiking trails at Gregory Point and the Cape Arago Lighthouse. It’s the perfect campground for couples!

They allow you to camp in tents, RVs and yurts. They provide a full hookup for the RV. Whatever you do, do NOT forget your camera!


RV: $31

Tent: $19

Yurt: $43

Find More Info Here: Website

11. Port Orford RV Village

I think it’s fairly obvious that this campground is focused on RV camping. Located just off the Oregon coast, the beaches are a mere two miles away! This village offers plenty of peace, serenity and solitude. In addition to this, they also offer awesome amenities such as a WIFI connection, game room and plenty of picnic tables.

Other than the beach, you can also enjoy the nearby sights such as the Prehistoric Gardens and the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. (The Prehistoric Gardens is fantastic for the history and science fan in your family!) Be sure to check out the Port Orford RV Village today!


RV: $40

Find More Info Here: Website

12. Rock Creek Campground 

Located inside the Siuslaw National Forest, Rock Creek Campground is perfect for those rustic family vacations! Only a half mile from the beach, this campground allows you to camp in an old fashioned way. You won’t find any electricity or running water in this campground. However, that makes it that much more fun!

There are plenty of hiking places in the area as well. With the thick, dense forests and the scenic views of the Pacific, you are guaranteed to have an authentic, Oregonian experience at the Rock Creek Campground.

While you’re in the area, be sure to also check out the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center! They even have an area where you can search for whales in the great Pacific Ocean.


$23 a night

Find More Info Here: Website

13. Loon Lake Lodge and RV Campground

If you love the water, you will definitely enjoy your stay at the Loon Lake Lodge and RV Campground. It is surrounded by the mesmerizing waters that extend over two miles and overlooked by the tall, majestic mountain peaks. Who could ask for anything more? It’s Oregonian camping at its best!

They also have everything that you will need for a comfortable and enjoyable camp experience. With full hookup sites for your RV camper to the restaurant and convenience store, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable camping experience.

In addition to this, they also provide WIFI connections and cottage rentals! If you have a family member who does not quite enjoy the outdoors as much as you do, there are options!

If you get even more adventurous, be sure to explore the nearby Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area. It’s a great place for families to check out and learn about the natural wildlife and geographical area of Loon Lake!


$18 a night

$70 for a cottage

Find More Info Here: Website

14. Lincoln City KOA

To give you an idea of exactly how family-oriented the Oregon coastal town of Lincoln City is, they allowed a ten year old to name the city! With that being said, I highly recommend bringing your family to the Lincoln City KOA. The campground sits just outside the city limits for the perfect amount of seclusion yet it’s close enough to the beach for you to enjoy whale watching.

Families who camp here enjoy grilling hamburgers on the open fire, consuming the Oregon-famous Tillamook ice cream and so much more. You can bring your RV or tent and have access to 50 amp service. Be prepared to create lasting memories with your loved ones and soak up the rustic Oregonian coastal views!


Depends on the season and camping style.

Find More Info Here: Website

15. Fort Stevens State Park

By far, one of my favorite all around places to camp as a family. Located on the northwest tip of Oregon in Warrenton, Oregon, Fort Stevens state park is one of Oregons largest campgrounds and parks. More than half of the recreational area is a converted military base. Follow the paved bike paths throughout Fort Stevens and find yourself biking past old military bunkers and bases. Growing up, we would drive out and just explore the bases and play hide and go seek in them.

Aside from the military bases, you can also bike a few miles further out to the beautiful Jetty at the mouth of the Columbia river. Here you can climb the viewing platform and watch the waves crash against the rocks or just sit and watch boats travel through the mouth of the river. If you ever visit here in the winter, the waves get MASSIVE and when they hit the rocks, they spray up onto the viewing tower.

Close-by is also the Military Museum and last but not least every camper needs to visit the remains of the Peter Iredale shipwreck on the beach. There is not as much left, but it still makes for great pictures. You can see the original ship wreak photos at the museum.

Close to the main camping area is also Coffenbury Lake. Here you can enjoy a day of relaxing by the water, fishing, or bring a canoe or paddle board and travel out on the lake. Keep in mind, there is a 5 knot speed limit on the lake, so no jetskis or wake boats. The lake is stocked every year with rainbow trout, so there is always something to catch.

Fort Stevens has more than 500 camping sites that are accessed through two massive loops. Each site is within walking range to a bathroom and there is water on tap near all the sites.

Typically you will need to book a spot a year out as it is popular and very busy.


Tent site: $22

Yurt Rental: $48-$58

Cabin Rental: $93-$103

RV Spot: $32

Find More Info Here: Website

Plan your Oregon coastal camping adventure today!

This list does not cover every campground on the Oregon Coast, but it should be enough to get your started on your itinerary! Whether you’re wanting to find just one nice campground for the weekend or you’re wanting to plan a week or two of camping up and down the Oregon Coast, you’re guaranteed to create lasting memories. The Oregon Coast has some of the most beautiful shores in the country. Whichever you choose to do, please don’t forget your camera.

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