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Dec 20, 2019 / 12:01 am

Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals
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The Oregon Coast is becoming increasingly popular for vacation getaways. It offers pristine, clean beaches, fewer crowds, perfect temperatures, and a connection with nature. An Oregon Coast vacation is nothing like the hustle and bustle of busy Florida and California coastal vacations. Oregon is not littered with thick crowds, high crime, and wild beach parties. It’s the perfect place for a family vacation, a serene, romantic getaway, or a break from society to become one with nature.

This means that vacation rental homes along the coast are easy to find and offer ideal rates. Personally, I prefer beach rental homes over a fancy hotel any day! The coziness and comfort of these rentals offer a home-away-from-home ambiance that cannot be matched by any superior hotel experience.

To help you get started on the planning of your fabulous Oregon Coast getaway, I’m going to share with you some highlights of each coastal city and town and some suggestions for vacation beach rentals. In no time, you will be relaxing on your vacation front porch with a pint in one hand and a spectacular ocean view right before your eyes. Let’s get started!

Popular Locations Along the Northern Oregon Coast

The northern Oregon Coast, in my opinion, is the most popular vacation spot in the state. Namely for the infamous Cannon Beach and its Haystack Rock. Even better, most of these northern Oregon Coast towns are a short two-hour drive from Portland. Vacationers who fly into Portland love the proximity of paradise that is merely a short drive away! Let’s take a peek at a few northern coastal towns in Oregon that may pique your interest.

Astoria Oregon Bay
Astoria Oregon


Astoria sits at the extreme northern portion of the northern Oregon coastline. It is a magnificent, historical town that overlooks the grand Columbia River which forks into the Pacific Ocean. A popular picnic spot in Astoria is atop a towering hillside at the Astoria Monument. It is there where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Columbia River and soak in the history of Oregon’s oldest town.

And, speaking of Oregon’s oldest town, you will be fascinated by its well-preserved Victorian homes. Many visitors enjoy renting rooms in the old Victorian bed and breakfasts.

Seaside, Oregon

Situated just south of the historic town of Astoria, Seaside is another popular tourist destination with a population of roughly 6,600 residents. Seaside is most known for two things: its spectacular surfing conditions and its picturesque Seaside Promenade. If you enjoy surfing, this beach town may be the one for you. In the evenings, you can wind down with a calm, romantic stroll down the Seaside Promenade.

Seaside easily attracts more visitors than any other coastal town in Oregon. It was one of the first tourist towns in the Beaver State! It has a long history of offering fun and adventure for the whole family. You will find a plentiful abundance of vacation rentals dotted along their beaches.

Vacation Homes
Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon

If you have a dream of finally setting your eyes on the infamous Haystack Rock, then book a vacation rental for Cannon Beach. Situated only 12 miles south of Seaside, Cannon Beach offers the perfect coastal charm that will satisfy any desire for a memorable beach vacation. Although Cannon Beach has the world’s most famous rock, it has the most easy-to-use coastline in the state. Its beaches are calm and clean with a serene ambiance that will leave you breathless. Many people enjoy renting vacation homes that are in easy view of Haystack Rock. You can find great deals for their coastal rentals that are ideal for the whole family and make you feel like one of the locals.

Manzanita, Oregon

Ah, Manzanita. This is a gentle, quiet, coastal community around the corner from Cannon Beach. People who stay in Manzanita are in search of solitude, serenity, and nature. Its sandy beaches are soft beneath your bare feet and sweetly silent to your ears. The gentle swooshing of the waves and the musical chatter of the sea birds are the only noisemakers in the area.

Visitors to Manzanita enjoy partaking in exploring the Nehalem Bay State Park and having the world’s best Oregon coffee in one of their cozy cafes. Manzanita takes great pride in offering many vacation rental beach homes and cabins. It is safe to say that you will find an extensive selection whether you need a rental home for your entire family or just for you and your significant other.

Rockaway Beach

If you are in search of a great family-oriented beach town, Rockaway Beach is a great choice. It currently boasts over 100 beach rental house options and over 20 rental cabin options. With over seven miles of open beach, you can literally choose your corner of the Oregon Coast and live there during your vacation stay. Who knows, you may decide to move to the Oregon Coast permanently!

The kids will love this place as it has A LOT of low, sandy dunes that overlook the endless Pacific Ocean. Not far from your dreamy beach house or cabin is plenty of restaurants and shopping. By the end of the day, you will feel like a coastal local. Isn’t that how it should be?


Located just 11 miles west of the infamous cheese capital of Oregon, Tillamook is the breathtaking, beautiful, coastal town of Oceanside. Most people visit Oceanside specifically to spend their vacation in a coastal rental home soaking up the oceanside views. This tiny community sits on the beach encircled by beautiful hillsides. If you dream of getting away from it all, Oceanside should be your destination. People who visit Oceanside often enjoy quiet fishing opportunities at Netarts Bay. You can’t miss out on this one. It’s the real deal.

Pacific City Real Estate
Pacific City

Pacific City

Pacific City is a small, coastal community in Tillamook County. With only 1,000 residents, this town will make you feel like you belong. In fact, it is often dubbed as, “Your Little Beach Town”. This place offers a lot of FUN. You will enjoy exploring the giant sand dunes, biking, oceanside horseback riding, surfing, and drinking a nice brew. The beach rental homes offer excellent Cape Kiwanda and Haystack Rock views, which sit in the hazy distance.

Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City, which was named after the U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, is perhaps the mainstay of the Central Oregon Coast. With a population of roughly 9,000 residents, you will find PLENTY of beach rental homes that give you the home-away-from-home feeling. Lincoln City is known for its very windy conditions and infamous kite festivals. Be sure to purchase a kite and fly it on the beach! You will also enjoy fishing on Devil’s Lake and catching crabs on the sandy beach. Imagine being able to sit on the front steps of your rental home while watching your kids catch crabs on the beach. Ah, that sounds like life.


Newport, Oregon is most known for its lighthouses, especially the Yaquina Head Lighthouse that was featured in a few Hollywood films such as The Ring. Don’t worry though; it isn’t a scary place in real life! In Newport, you will also enjoy the delicious seafood options, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, the Historic Nye Beach, and relaxing in your oceanside rental home. Newport has plenty to offer in terms of beachside rental homes and condos. Your reality could be waking up to spectacular ocean views every morning!


Located in Lincoln County, Waldport has the mantra, “Where the Forest Meets the Sea”. If you can imagine such a beautiful place, it can become your reality. It sits between the beautiful Alsea Bay and the Alsea River and offers a spectacular nature view between the ocean and the forest. Literally. People who visit Waldport enjoy hiking through the lush, green forest trails and picnicking on the quiet beach. You will find plenty of vacation rental homes in Bayshore and Sandpiper Village that are great for the whole family. You will feel like a local in no time!


In the most southern part of Lincoln County is the quiet coastal town of Yachats. Its name is translated to mean, “dark water at the foot of the mountain”. If that doesn’t lure you into the hands of this small coastal town, I don’t know what will. You will experience rocky beach views, an endless ocean horizon, and a splendid hiking opportunity on the 804 Trail. This is a place where the camera cannot be forgotten. You will find that their vacation rental homes dot the coastline for the experience of a lifetime. Large rocks, boulders, crashing waves…please don’t let this place get out of your sight.

Popular Locations Along the Southern Coast of Oregon

North Bend and Coos Bay, Oregon

Located in the southern part of Oregon in Coos County is North Bend and Coos Bay. Now don’t get confused with the Central Oregon high desert town of Bend. This is not the same town. The North Bend and Coos Bay area is surrounded on all three sides by the picturesque Coos Bay. Perhaps the most popular attraction in Coos Bay, apart from the beautiful oceanside views, is the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Imagine renting a house on the beach and spending the day getting lost in the sand dunes while riding an ATV. Then spend your evenings listening to ocean waves from the comfort of your living room. This could be the life for you in North Bend and Coos Bay.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is located in Curry County and tucked in between the majestic Rogue River, Siskiyou Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. It is there where you will find yourself lost in exhilarating adventures and breathtaking views. As for lodging and vacation rentals, you have some choices in Gold Beach! Since it is the perfect cross between the beachy life and the forest life, you can rent a home on the sandy beach or in the wild wilderness along the Rogue River. It all depends on what you desire to do the most: live the beach life or explore the river life. Might I add, the temperatures in Gold Beach are perfectly mild all year long! Gold Beach is the hidden gem of southern, coastal life in Oregon. Don’t miss out on it.

Bandon Oregon
Bandon Oregon

Bandon, Oregon

Situated just south of North Bend and Coos Bay, Bandon is at the mouth of the infamous Coquille River and the Pacific Ocean. In Bandon, you will find beach rental homes that are elevated ABOVE the sea and offer spectacular views of the geographical region surrounding you. The beach rental homes in Bandon are also known for being pet-friendly! If you plan on bringing the whole family for the perfect Oregon Coast getaway, don’t forget your pet children! They just might enjoy a beach vacation as well!

Port Orford, Oregon

Port Orford is located just south of Bandon in Curry County, Oregon. It is a small community of approximately 1,300 residents and is considered to be an oasis for the hurried soul. Here, you will enjoy colorful seascapes, vacant beaches, and tender solitude. Folks in Port Orford enjoy a wide range of activities including beachcombing, surfing, fishing, crabbing, sailing, hiking and more. Port Orford is known for its cozy beach house rentals, which you can find on the lakefront or beachfront.

Brookings, Oregon

Brookings is located at the extreme southern portion of the Oregon coastline. Located in Curry County, you will find plenty of rest and restoration on the Brookings coastline. People who visit Brookings love fishing on the Chetco River and exploring its connection to the Pacific Ocean. You will find lots of fun things to do at its infamous harbor as well! Brookings also offers the coolest temperatures along the Oregon Coast. This makes it very comfortable year-round ​for renting your perfect vacation rental on the beach.

Your Oregon Coast vacation awaits you. Reserve your vacation rental home, today!

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