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Long considered one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cannon Beach is a small, vibrant art colony located on the north Oregon coast. Art Galleries and Art Festivals, Brew Pubs and Brew Fests, Restaurants galore and Sleepy Monk Coffee – picture all this combined with the incomparable, pristine shoreline of Cannon Beach. Imagine experiencing this lovely village while staying in a private vacation home – allowing yourself to depart from the world and live life by the singing sands.

From sand dollars to sea shells,

this spectacular coastline will yield you miraculous treasures. We’re local folks here at Beachcomber Vacation Homes, and we delight in helping you find that perfect shell – that perfect home that suits you and your family and friends. We have travelers that come to us from all over the world to experience the unique magic that Cannon Beach somehow embodies in every inch of its being. The rhythm of the tides, the saltwater air, the breathtaking seascape – all of these natural wonders gather together, creating unforgettable memories that will stay with you for all of your days.
Beachcomber Vacation Homes
You will find Beachcomber Vacation Homes tucked into two sweet cottages on Sunset Boulevard – about one short block from the beach. The owners and staff of Beachcomber Vacation Homes are proud to be a small and locally owned company. All of us thrive in our environment – our beach town and our business! – and we work hard to provide you with the best customer service possible. We love our home and want nothing more than to help you find your own beach haven here on this incredible stretch of the Oregon Coast.

Just imagine yourself in a cozy cottage,

right around the corner from downtown Cannon Beach. Perhaps you and your family prefer a spacious home with a stunning view, or a classic beach house close to the puffins on Haystack Rock. Maybe you want to travel alone and rejuvenate in a small, historic cottage within walking distance of the ocean and the town. Maybe you and your friends crave the wild winter coastal storms or a forested setting that replicates an eagle’s aerie. However many of you travel together to this cherished place, know that all of us here at Beachcomber Vacation Homes want nothing more than to see you find that perfect shell – that perfect home that calls your name and suits you as if it were your own.
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Beachcomber Vacation Homes offers you over 50 unique vacation homes – from Cannon Beach to Arch Cape and Falcon Cove. Whether you desire a small cottage for two or a magnificent ocean view home for twenty-eight, turn to Beachcomber Vacation Homes and let us help you find your shell.