The Best Vacation Rentals in Cannon Beach

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Jul 25, 2022 / 8:10 pm

The best vacation rentals in cannon beach
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Cannon Beach is a quaint coastal community located in the Northwest corner of the beautiful Oregon Coast. Cannon Beach is famous for its breathtaking Haystack Rock and the tufted puffins that nest there. Along with a beautiful sandy beach, Cannon Beach is also home to many world-class restaurants, breweries, hotels and art galleries. Plus, on the north headland you will find easy access to Ecola State Park and breathtaking views of the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. 

The sleepy town of Cannon Beach has a population of approximately 1,500 full-time residents, and a booming seasonal tourist economy. To the South of Cannon Beach you will find the famous Hug Point and Arcadia Beach. Cannon Beach is known for its eclectic art community and fine dining options, plus its breathtaking and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Just to the South of Cannon Beach you will find the popular town of Seaside and about 1.5 hours East you have Portland Oregon. If you’re looking to spend some time in Cannon Beach a vacation rental or vacation home is a great option. In this post we will go through and give you the best advice on picking the perfect vacation home for your trip to the Oregon Coast. 

Cannon Beach has many lodging options, including hotels, camping and vacation rentals from medium to high-end price points. The majority of folks who visit Cannon Beach will be served by their many 3-5 star hotels, but if you’re looking for a bit more privacy than a vacation home could be a great choice. 

What are the Best Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals?

The best Cannon Beach vacation rentals are going to be the Oceanfront vacation rentals. These are located across the four mile stretch of beach starting from Ecola State Park in the North to Silver Point in the South. The best place to rent a house in Cannon Beach is a subjective question and it depends on your personal preferences. With that being said, there’s two areas that most would consider the “Best” depending on the type of vacation rental you’re looking for. The first area, and most obvious, is right in front of Haystack Rock. There’s many beautiful homes directly in front of Haystack Rock that not only give you that classic Cannon Beach view, but also give you easy walking access to Haystack Rock, tide pools, and all the other attractions in that area. The downside to this central location is the fact that Haystack Rock is one of the most visited and photographed locations in Oregon, so expect little privacy and tons of people. 

What is the best area for Privacy and Seclusion?

The other location that stands out as the “best” vacation rental location is the very far Northern tip of town called Chapman Beach and Chapman Point. This area is appealing for a number of reasons including privacy, a pristine beach and Northern wind blockage. Here you will. Find many homes far exceeding a million dollar price point. The Chapman Beach area of Cannon Beach has better privacy because it doesn’t get the massive summer crowds. It’s an area of Cannon Beach that few tourists know how to access, therefore most of the folks you will run into on this side of town live there or are renting a house in the area. The beach on this side of town is very beautiful, even for Cannon Beach standards! It’s nice to be able to walk out from your vacation rental and step foot on a beautiful beach that’s not completely packed with people. Finally, Chapman Point is located on the edge of Ecola State Park and Tillamook Head which provides protection from the Northerly winds. In the summer, the majority of the winds will come from the North or Northwest, therefore this side of town has great wind protection in the summer months. It’s important to note that during the winter months the wind switches to South therefore leaving the entire Cannon Beach area wide upon to the strong winter winds and storms. Aside from these two areas, there are many other great areas for vacation rentals in Cannon Beach including in town, on the far South end of town and even on the East side of Hwy 101 up in the hills. No matter where you end up, you will have a great time in Cannon Beach!

Vacation Rental Agencies in Cannon Beach

There are many different options to chose from when renting a vacation home on the Oregon Coast. You can go with a local vacation rental agency like Beachcomber Vacation Rentals or you can go with a national brand such as VRBO. Our recommendation is always to go with a local company because you will receive the best service. These local vacation rental companies have local folks helping clean and manage the properties therefore they can be more responsive to your needs.

Pet Friendly Cannon Beach Rentals

Cannon Beach is well known for being one of the most pet friendly towns on the Oregon Coast. Don’t worry dog lovers, your four legged friend will be welcome in Cannon Beach! Although Cannon Beach is pet friendly, not all lodging is going to allow pets so it’s important you plan accordingly. If your looking to book a vacation house for your next trip make sure that pets are allowed. Not all houses except pets, but most do for an extra fee. The pet fee usually goes towards extra cleaning and can range from $20 to up to $100. Pet lovers will agree that’s a small price to pay for the companionship of your furry friend. 

Cottage & Cabin Rentals in Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is well known for its historic cottages and cabins. Back in the early 1900’s when folks were starting to migrate to Cannon Beach many of which built small and quaint cottages and cabins as their primary dwelling. Many of these historic cottages and cabins still stand today. While these might not be the most modern of accommodations, these cottages and cabins can offer a unique lodging experience that you just can’t find anywhere else. If you’re a history buff, make sure to check out the famous cabin of Governor Oswald West. Located right in front of Haystack Rock, this historic cabin was the Summer home of the former Governor and still stands to this day. 

Ocean Front Vacation Rentals Cannon Beach

The most prized locations in Cannon Beach will be the oceanfront properties. There’s many homes for rent right on the ocean but you should expect to pay top dollar. Cannon Beach is a very desirable vacation destination, especially in peak summer season, so if you’re looking for an oceanfront home to rent than you must book early. Many of the oceanfront properties will book up to 6-months early so you must plan ahead. Another important note, is there’s a big difference between ocean front and ocean view. If you’re looking for an ocean view property, there will be many more of these available due to the geographic characteristics of Cannon Beach. Many homes sit perched on top of the hills and have amazing ocean views. If you’re looking to be ocean front, and step out the door onto the beach then you must known that these homes are very limited. Cannon Beach only has about 4-miles of shoreline to accommodate these ocean front houses.

Final Thoughts On Renting a Vacation Home in Cannon Beach

The final takeaway for anyone looking to rent a house in Cannon Beach for vacation is do your research and book early. Cannon Beach is one of the most popular beach town destinations on the Oregon Coast so thing fill up quick. Cannon Beach is only about 90 miles from downtown Portland, making it a very popular vacation spot for folks living in the Portland Metro area. It’s also very important to do you research. Cannon Beach is a small town, but it’s very long and has 3-distinct business districts. These 3-business districts include the downtown, central Cannon Beach and South Cannon Beach. The point being, if your objective is to walk downtown and visit a brewery and the art galleries, you’ll want to stay near central or downtown Cannon Beach. If your objective is to walk to Moe’s for a cup of chowder, then you’re better off finding a vacation house on the South side of town. 

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