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Mar 8, 2020 / 2:40 am

Bend Oregon Real Estate
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As more people are discovering the breathtaking beauty and adventures of Bend, Oregon, the real estate business is starting to boom. In fact, the housing market for Bend doesn’t have enough supply to meet the demand! While this causes prices to rise, they aren’t outrageous prices. The price tag matches the value fairly well given what resources residents have available to them in Bend.

What if I told you that living in Bend can make your vacations become everyday, real life? What if you can visit “The Mountain” on weekends for ski lessons or walk to Pilot Butte during your lunch breaks? Let’s face it: Who can say that they can take a small drive to the local, extinct volcano on a lunch break? Only those who live in Bend, Oregon!

If you’ve decided to take the plunge to look for your new home in Bend, Oregon, I’m going to walk you through some basic steps that will lead you to your dream home. Let’s get started!

Check out the housing market in Bend

A great way to get started on your new adventure is to check out the housing market in Bend. What’s available for sale? What are the pricing trends? How long have houses been sitting on the market? Does the market have homes available within your budget and are suitable to your needs? These questions will help you get started with your dream home search. Bend has several types of homes for sale such as single-family houses, condos and cottages.

To get started, I recommend:

*Determine your specific housing needs. How many rooms? How many square feet? In town or on the outskirts? You get the point.

*Determine your budget. Prices in Bend may not be the same as prices in your current location. Also know that the pay scale may be significantly different in Bend than in your current location. These are important factors to consider when making a big move.

*Take virtual tours of homes.

*Develop a list of trustworthy real estate agents.

Realistic Pricing for Homes in Bend

I’m going to share with you some current numbers on home prices in Bend. Every location is different, but this will give you an idea of what’s out there and will help you narrow down your home search.

*Condo Unit near Mt. Bachelor – $160,000.

1 bed/1bath

2nd floor

Since this is a condo, it offers community amenities such as a swimming pool access, gym access and more.

*Condo Unit in Mt. Bachelor Village – $52,000

2 bed/2 bath


This condo unit also provides amenities such as a swimming pool access, gym access and more.

*Bend has land for sale as well!

.61 acre lot of land – $69,500

Located in the beautiful Three Rivers South.

Short drive to popular landmarks such as Mt. Bachelor, Paulina Peak and Cascade Lakes.

Many people prefer to build their dream home instead of purchasing one. Prices such as this for a lot of land in one of the most sought out areas in the country is a real bargain!

*Single-Family Houses for as low as $330,000

Bend’s lowest average price for a single-family house with 3 bedrooms is an incredible $330,000! Generally, you will see prices for these size homes between $300,000 to $450,000.

Bend, Oregon is on top of their game when it comes to real estate

The real estate professionals in Bend, Oregon know the value that comes with any property in the high desert region. In many ways, the West is still America’s frontier as it has more rural areas and acreage that is untouched to this day. In addition to this, Oregon has some of the most beautiful countryside and acreage in the United States.

This is why I love the real estate in Bend. The real estate professionals properly balance the value of property with prices that are fair to consumers. I also find relief in that they have the best service professionals on standby such as:

  • surveyors
  • pest control inspectors
  • septic tank companies
  • construction contractors
  • title companies
  • home inspectors
  • mortgage lenders

Everyday, more visitors are making the decision to chase their dreams, change their life and move to Oregon. Where there is so much adventure to be had, memories to be made and nature to be explored, why not consider chasing your dream and moving to the great town of Bend, Oregon?

If you have any questions about the Beaver State and the great town of Bend, let us know! Bend is the heart of Central Oregon awaiting for you to claim your home in the historical high desert region! Take the plunge and check out Bend, Oregon Real Estate today!

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