11 Best RV Parks On The Oregon Coast

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Mar 22, 2022 / 10:57 pm

Best RV Parks on the Oregon Coast
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Welcome to the Oregon Coast!

Once upon a time, I thought it would be a ton of fun to explore the Oregon Coast without ever spending a night in a hotel room. When I say, ‘once upon a time,’ I am really referring to last summer. Every great story starts with that famous phrase, so why shouldn’t my story of the most awesome RV parks on the Oregon Coast?

I packed up my things, made my RV as cozy as possible, and hit the road with my loved ones. My goal was to visit the RV parks all along the Oregon Coast and believe me, it did not disappoint.

I started my RV adventure in the extreme northern portion of the Oregon Coast and worked my way down to the southern coast. What you will find below are my findings and experiences from every RV park I visited.

Best RV Parks On The Northern Oregon Coast

1. Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, Oregon.

Fort Stevens State Park is located in the extreme northwestern portion of the state in Hammond. It is a spectacular place for families! I’m a huge history lover and enjoy finding places that teach me historical events from the past.

During my stay here, I did more than roast marshmallows over the open fire and explore the seaside. Like a little kid in a candy store, I explored the old fort and took a tour of the World War II command center that is strategically hidden underground. Furthermore, a mysterious shipwreck still lies in ruins on the shore and gives the illusion of walking inside a movie screen. I would be lying if I said this place was NOT my favorite RV park.

Fort Stevens State Park sits at the mouth of the Columbia River with the Pacific Ocean on its western side. During a summer day, you will see many folks swimming, beach-combing, and boating. Honestly, you have your choice of freshwater fishing in the Columbia River or seawater fishing in the Pacific Ocean. It truly is every mariner lover’s paradise.

This place is so laid back that I was allowed to drive my four-wheel-drive SUV onto the sandy beach. As long as you drive responsibly, it is permissible to do so.

I was pleased to see the RV park had 170 full hookup sites as well as over 300 electric and water hookup sites. While that is plenty of space, I urge you to reserve a spot ahead of time. During my visit in the summer, nearly every hookup site was taken. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought of this place as a home-away-from-home.

I spent three nights here because there were an abundance of history, water fun, hiking, biking, and nature observation activities to partake in. Lastly, Fort Stevens State Park is approximately 18 miles from historic Astoria Oregon.

2. Seaside RV Resort in Seaside, Oregon

Approximately 20 minutes south of Fort Stevens State Park is Seaside RV Resort. If you didn’t already know, Seaside is the most visited coastal town in the state of Oregon. Tourists LOVE this sweet coastal town!

While I learned the hard way that you cannot make reservations for an RV site, I was pleased to see available RV sites upon arrival. (The available sites offered 30 and 50 AMPs.) The amenities at Seaside RV Resort were plenty and wonderful. Every site has a picnic table and a fire pit with wooded areas to the sides. Furthermore, this place has TWO clubhouses with an indoor pool, kiddie pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, laundry room, and bathrooms. (The laundry room has six washers and dryers by the way.) Outside, the RV resort has basketball courts, tennis courts, and a mini-golf course. Of course, I had to try a little bit of everything during my first day!

The RV resort is only a mile or so from the infamous Promenade where all the romantic, beachy, sunset strolls are rumored to occur. I enjoyed walking along the Promenade at sunset and soaking up the spectacular color show from the Pacific Ocean. The beach at Seaside during sunset really is a dream come true. Once I sunk my toes into the cool sand, my sweetheart and I ventured downtown for a little sightseeing and dinner. Once we made our way back to the RV, we enjoyed s’mores by the campfire.

I have a vintage-style, cruising Schwinn bicycle in which I love riding on smooth pathways. The trails around the RV resort were perfect for simply cruise-riding my bike. On my second day there, I biked through the wooded trails and soaked in the sights and sounds. For a place to be so popular on the Oregon Coast, the peace and solitude on the wooded trails are soothing to the soul. The Seaside RV Resort is tucked away on the East side of town away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still just a short drive to the action of downtown and the beach.

I spent two nights at this amazing place and could have easily spent more time there if I weren’t on a mission to sample many RV parks along the Oregon Coast.

3. Nehalem Bay State Park, Nehalem, Oregon

I scooted down the coast another 25 miles to stop at Nehalem Bay State Park in Nehalem. I had heard great things about this place and wanted to see what all the hype was about. Immediately, I noticed the RV park is located on a small peninsula strip and had something I had never seen before: a personal airstrip! Yes, people could fly into the campsite if they did not have an RV. I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen and for a moment, it felt like I was living alongside celebrity jet-setters.

The peninsula strip is around four miles in length and offers plenty of solitude for those who are seeking it. The calming sounds of the ocean surround you in this quaint place. Honestly, it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of my two previous RV parks. I especially loved how the sounds of the ocean followed me through the pine trees.

The option to partake in horseback riding is something unique to this RV park. I spent the day horseback riding along the shore, around the sand dunes, through the pines, and enjoyed every minute of it. In the evening, I caught a bucket full of crabs and made wonderful memories.

Nahalem is also a wonderful place to ride your bicycle or hike through the nature trails. I saw plenty of folks kayaking, canoeing, and fishing during my one-night stay.

The RV park has around 265 sites with electricity and water hookups. Sadly, the RV park does not have sewer hookups, but it does have a dump station. While there are no clubhouses in this remote area, there are showers and toilets.

However, be warned: The RV park fills up reservations fast. If you wish to spend some time at Nehalem Bay State Park, you should book your reservation well in advance.

4. Pacific City RV and Camping Resort in Pacific City, Oregon

I drove my RV an hour south of Nehalem Bay State Park and pulled in at Pacific City RV and Camping Resort in the beautiful community of Pacific City.

What I loved the most about this RV park is the plentitude of blackberry bushes growing wildly in the surrounding trees! Since I am originally from the countryside, this unique detail about the RV park made it feel like home-away-from-home. Everyone who visits picks the tasty blackberries and makes delicious cobblers in their Dutch ovens. I participated in the tradition!

Aside from incredible blackberries, the RV park is nestled within the woods with the ocean hiding in the background. It’s a short walk to the shoreline where I enjoyed viewing the wildlife and crabbing. Plus, the Pacific City RV and Camping Resort is less than a mile from the legendary Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area which has recreation opportunities galore including surfing, sand dune climbing, beach-combing, dory boat adventures, and is home to one of the most iconic Oregon Coast photography locations. Also, did I mention this area is known for its cute bunnies who live in the park and munch on the berries?

The RV park is quite large with over 300 sites and many amenities such as an outdoor pool, indoor pool, hot tub, basketball court, mini-golf, playground, and more! The Wi-Fi was awesome, and the bathrooms were very clean. It’s a nice, quiet RV park where you can catch up on your relaxation.

Best RV Parks on the Central Oregon Coast

5. Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area in Lincoln City, Oregon

I left Pacific City and traveled south to Lincoln City. I had heard many things about Devil’s Lake, and honestly, felt somewhat mysterious about the origins of its name. Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to see a family-oriented campground on the lake’s edge and no eerie sights. The RV campground is only a few minutes away from the beach by foot.

I enjoyed the small size of the RV park and the quiet and peace that accompanied it. Many folks went out on the lake in the boats and either fished or rode water skis. I kept my camera handy to capture photos of the wildlife that hung around the lake seemingly unafraid of humans. Shortly before sunset, we walked 15 minutes to the beach and let the sights soothe our souls. While my sweetheart and I were roaming the beach, we learned about the Finders Keepers program. The Finders Keepers program consists of thousands of glass treasures or glass floats that are hand-crafted by local artists and hidden on the beach. Anyone can hunt for these glass treasures. Once a person finds a glass treasure, you may take it home: It’s yours. However, once you find a glass treasure, you may not claim another one for a year. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the hunting game and can enjoy the prize. I found a glass treasure that had a beautifully crafted mini-village on the inside. It is a memory I will forever cherish. If you are ever on the beachside in Lincoln City, check it out for yourself!

Since the RV campground at Devil’s Lake only has 28 hookup sites, I recommend reserving your spot in advance. The spots fill up quickly during the summer months!

6. Premier RV Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon

While I was in Lincoln City, I drove my RV down the road and parked it at Premier RV Resort. This RV park, like the one at Devil’s Lake, does not sit on the beach, but it is directly across the highway from the beach.

I noticed immediately that this place was popular for the larger RVs. The park had long RV spaces with plenty of room for larger RVs in addition to full hookup sites. Unlike Devil’s Lake where a walk to the beach took 15 minutes, the walk to the beach from Premier RV Resort took only a minute or two. You can literally see the beach from the RV park. And to be honest with you, because I am a beach-loving person, I much prefer RV sites that are closer to the beach.

I was pleased to see the wide range of park amenities such as free WI-FI, clean bathrooms, clean showers, a clean hot tub, a recreation room, and more!

Downtown Lincoln City is just a hop and a skip away for anything further you may need, or if you want to explore the attractions and try out a new restaurant. I was very pleased with this park and the location.

7. Sea and Sand RV Park in Depoe Bay, Oregon

After spending a few nights in Lincoln City, I traveled a few miles south to the small coastal town of Depoe Bay. Known as the “Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast”, I was really eager to set up camp and explore this place! In fact, spotting a whale offshore became a bucket list event for me, and I was determined to cross it off my list.

I set up camp at the Sea and Sand RV Park. If you haven’t noticed already by the name, “Sea and Sand”, this RV park is on the beach with some incredible ocean views. (However, if you prefer to not be directly on the beach, there are wooded, secluded areas to set up camp near the beach.

Since I was on a mission to find a whale, I grabbed my binoculars and lounged on the sandy beach during mid-day. Shortly after lunchtime, I spotted my first ever whale! I slowly sipped on my wine cooler and marked it off my list. I celebrated that evening by roasting s’mores over the campfire.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to whale watch from the shore. There are charter boats available for guided whale watching tours. They take you just offshore where you can see a plethora of whales and be purely mesmerized. Yes, I was lazy and observed from the sandy shore, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

An important note to make about Sea and Sand RV Park: If you plan to visit during the busiest time of year from July to September, you are not allowed to stay longer than 14 days. I visited Sea and Sand RV Park during July, but I only stayed a few nights since I was sampling many coastal RV parks. I should also note that the whale watching period is from March to December. Don’t expect to see any whales if you visit during the coldest months of January and February.

8. Port of Newport Marina RV Park in Newport, Oregon

Continuing on my journey south, I stopped in Newport because I have heard great things about their famous Dungeness crab. The Port of Newport Marina RV Park is the perfect place to go crabbing on the shoreline. And yes, this was also on my bucket list.

Furthermore, this area is home to the infamous Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. (Have you seen the horror movie, The Ring? If so, the creepy lighthouse featured in that film is actually the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Don’t worry; this isn’t a spooky place!)

The RV park isn’t private and certainly isn’t the coziest of campgrounds, but it does have plenty of space for large RVs. In fact, this park has 144 RV sites with full hookups. (I was surprised to see that cable was included with the hookup!) You will also find clean showers and a laundromat on site. Even better? An RV repair shop is located less than a mile away! So, I viewed this place as a refreshing recharge for my RV. While I was enjoying my vacation and adventures, my RV needed a breather as well.

During my few days at Port of Newport Marina RV Park, I visited the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, took a charter boat for a day at sea, and went crabbing for Dungeness crabs by the shoreline.

9. South Jetty RV Park in Florence, Oregon

After my time on the Central Oregon Coast, I decided it was time to explore the RV parks on the Southern Oregon Coast. Therefore, I packed up everything and traveled south 50 miles to the coastal town of Florence. My goal in Florence was to experience the fun of riding through the largest sand dunes in the United States. Yes, Florence, Oregon is known for the largest, most awesome sand dunes in the country! I heard about the sport of sandboarding and needed to mark it off my bucket list. (You can rent dune buggies as well if you don’t like the idea of surfing on the sand.)

I pulled into the South Jetty RV and Camping Resort and set up camp for two nights. The RV park is not located on the beach, but it is located next to the sand dunes. (The beach is only a few minutes away.) In addition to the RV park’s convenient access to the sand dunes, I was also pleased with the other activities offered at the park. At South Jetty RV and Camping Resort, you will find a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, hot tub, and many hiking trails. The resort is great for RVs of all sizes with 184 hookup sites.

If you’re interested in having an adventurous thrill, please try out the sandboard OR ride in a dune buggy. The sand dunes in Florence, Oregon are unlike anywhere else in the country!

10. Humbug Mountain State Park in Port Orford, Oregon

I drove 100 miles down the infamous Highway 101 to the super tiny town of Port Orford. (The town only has approximately 950 residents.) After having a blast in Florence, I thought it would be nice to rest up for a few days in quiet solitude. I pulled into the small RV park and campground, Humbug Mountain State Park. It is so tiny that there are only 39 hookup sites for your RV. However, the nature views that surround the place are incredible. This location offers the scenery you imagine when you think of the Oregon Coast. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains, mysterious canyons, and miles of rocky beaches. It is the perfect place for hiking, and it is every photographer’s dream.

I spent my two days beachcombing, hiking, and capturing nature photos with my Nikon camera. I noticed other folks enjoyed surfing and scuba diving in the area as well. If there was a downside to this place of paradise, it would be the lack of water and sewer hookups. Yeah, that was a bummer. BUT, the RV park did provide water, toilets, and showers, so that was a plus.

Furthermore, despite the small size of the place and the pleasant solitude it offers, it is a surprisingly popular place. You must make reservations at least 10 months in advance. Everyone wants a slice of Humbug Mountain State Park!

11. Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Oregon

From Humbug Mountain State Park, I traveled south another 55 miles on Highway 101 to the most southern coastal town in Oregon: Brookings. This coastal town is nicknamed “Oregon’s Banana Belt” because of its generously mild temperatures year-round. Needless to say, I was eager to explore the area for that reason alone.

I found a nice RV campground at Harris Beach State Park. It has gorgeous views of the sandy beach and enormous sea rocks. Furthermore, I was fascinated by the wildlife! Sea lions and seals lounged on the beach and rocks as if they were human as well. I dared not venture near them, but I was impressed by their comfort with human habitation.

The RV park was small but not the smallest. It has 65 hookup sites for various RV sizes. However, only a quarter of the hookup sites had water and electric. (I was lucky enough to grab a hookup site with electric and water! This place is hoppin’ during the month of July.) The RV park also has toilets, showers, and a dump station.

Other than the incredible experiences with the seals and sea lions, I also thoroughly enjoyed building sandcastles. The sand in Brookings as just the right texture for creating a solid sandcastle with some serious architecture.

And the hiking at Harris Beach State Park is phenomenal. (Leisure hiking; not the hardcore, wear backpacks, get lost type of hiking.) There are so many nature paths around the sea stacks, through the trees, and overlooking the oceanic views. If you are a photographer, this is a must-see place.

The park has a nice playground for the kids to explore and have fun. I also found it interesting that the area boasted a special kite flying competition. Apparently, kite flying is a major thing along the southern Oregon Coast. I recommend you purchase a kite or two (or more if you have children) before you venture to Brookings. The continuous sea breeze in Brookings provides incredible kite flying opportunities.

And that concluded my Oregon Coast RV journey!

From Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond, Oregon to Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Oregon, my coastal RV park journey stretched over 350 miles. While I burned a lot of rubber on infamous Highway 101, I made lifelong memories, saw spectacular views, and had a lot of fun. With every RV park, I enjoyed something unique to only that park. I think that is what I loved the most about my trip: discovering unique attributes, details, or activities at every park and campground. The Oregon Coast truly puts in the effort to ensure their RV parks are not boring, bleh, and humdrum.

If you have an RV, do yourself a favor and venture toward the Oregon Coast. You don’t have to do what I did with sampling a multitude of RV parks, but picking at least one of these amazing places with bring pure joy to your soul. My only advice is to check with the RV park before you venture there to ensure there will be a hookup site available. Some RV parks expect you to make a reservation and sometimes, they expect it months in advance.

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