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Whether you plan to buy a new home in Oregon soon or you want to take advantage of the many benefits of refinancing your current mortgage, you can count on the talented loan specialists at Hilltop Home Loans to guide you every step of the way. Each home loan applicant has special concerns and needs that must be addressed, and these professionals always go the extra mile to ensure that their customers each find the loan program that is best suited for them. As a mortgage brokerage company serving Bend, Redmond and Central Oregon, Hilltop Home Loans has the experience and knowledge that you are looking for.

Focused on Bringing Your Goals to Life

Hilltop Home Loans has a solid reputation for delivering a great overall lending experience. The team always focuses on the customers’ specific goals and unique qualifications when identifying the right loan program for them. This brokerage company works with a range of highly-reputable lenders and represents their varied loan programs. Through the team’s deep knowledge of these loan programs’ requirements and parameters, Hilltop Home Loans helps its customers find lending solutions that meet their needs and that are suitable for their budget.

Home Loan Programs to Fit Your Needs

Through Hilltop Home Loans, you have access to an extensive range of popular loan programs with competitive terms. These include:

Conventional Home Loans

Conventional home loans comply with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines. These government programs purchase the loans after closing, and this allows the lenders to continue making new home loans. Up to 30-year terms are available with competitive interest rates for qualifying applicants.

FHA Loans

FHA loans are secured by the federal government, so lenders have greater flexibility to consider applicants with lower credit scores. In addition, you may only need to put 3.5% down on the purchase. Because of this, FHA loans are popular with first-time homebuyers. The program offers great interest rates and up to 30-year terms.

VA Loans

VA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Only active and former military members from all branches and surviving spouses of military professionals qualify for these loans. They offer a 0% down payment requirement, have competitive interest rates and do not have a PMI requirement.

Fixed and Adjustable-Rate Loans

Both fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages are available through Hilltop Home Loans. With a fixed-rate loan, the rate and the principal and interest payment remain the same throughout the life of the loan. With an adjustable-rate mortgage, the interest rate will change based on market conditions. While the initial interest rate is usually lower, the principal and interest payments will fluctuate with market changes.

Self-Employed Home Loans

Qualifying for a home loan as a self-employed individual can be challenging, but Hilltop Home Loans offers financing solutions that could be right for you. To qualify, you may need to document income stability, the financial health of the business, the location of the business and other factors.

Jumbo Loans

In most areas of the country, conventional conforming loans are capped at a loan amount of $647,200. Jumbo loans offer higher loan amounts. However, they are not backed by the government. As a result, they have higher credit score requirements and other strict standards.

The Hilltop Home Loans Difference

Hilltop Home Loans has received many five-star reviews from previous clients, and there are several good reasons why this trend will continue. The company actively works to provide excellent service to each customer throughout the full lending experience. For many home loan applicants, the process can seem daunting and confusing. However, Hilltop Home Loans maintains open lines of communication with its customers while always taking time to answer questions fully and explain the next steps. Each client receives the highest level of service with a strong focus on integrity.
More than that, the team at Hilltop Home Loans carefully prequalifies each applicant and learns about their needs upfront. By doing so, applicants can be matched with the right loan program based on their goals and qualifications. The team also strives to help its customers lock in competitive interest rates, establish affordable payments and keep closing costs as low as possible.
Regardless of your upcoming needs for a purchase or refinance loan, Hilltop Home Loans is your trusted source. You can conveniently explore the loan solutions available for your needs by getting prequalified through Hilltop Home Loans today.
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