Oregon Home Exterior Design Ideas

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May 11, 2022 / 6:56 pm

Oregon Home Exterior design ideas
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Oregon is known for its beautiful natural landscapes. Your yard is no exception. Each neighborhood has distinctive character. Whether you live in a historic home in Portland, a sprawling ranch in Ashland or a suburban neighborhood in Bethany, you can rejuvenate your property with exterior design upgrades. It doesn’t matter if you focus on the house or the landscaping; either will boost your curb appeal. 

These exterior home design ideas will help you get more out of your outdoor space. Not only will these upgrades make your property look great, they may also increase your home’s value and encourage you to spend more time in the fresh air.

Paint It Black

You might think that a home with a black exterior would look ominous, but it’s popping up in a modern style all over Lake Oswego. Matte black paint infuses interest into homes with otherwise simple exteriors. 

If a black home exterior seems dramatic, consider going charcoal. This delivers a bold look that’s softer and blends in with the natural surroundings. You could also create a two-toned look with charcoal and a lighter gray.

Add Architectural Style Outside

Homes with open floor plans are becoming more and more popular. Even though you may be low on interior walls, the exterior of your house shouldn’t lack character. Many people are opting for farmhouse, craftsman and bungalow-style exteriors. These reflect the charm of times past while housing modern floor plans and amenities.

Outdoor Spaces

Create Dedicated Outdoor Spaces

Many homeowners throughout Oregon are putting thought into the flow and functionality of their yards. Grass isn’t a sustainable solution for lawns. It requires a great deal of energy and water to grow, and it doesn’t produce a valuable crop. 

Consider replacing lawns with paths, gardens, patios and decks. Outbuildings can provide areas for creative work, such as woodworking or pottery. Outdoor kitchens bring people together and make it easy to enjoy the scenery throughout the year. Multifunctional spaces and smart storage keep everything useful and tidy.

Install Solar Panels

Approximately 25,000 solar systems are installed in Oregon every year. Adding solar panels to your roof is rewarding in a number of ways. It reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your electric bill. Plus, you can receive tax credits and incentives for installing solar panels in Oregon. 

Use Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re running your lights off of the grid or a solar energy system, you can transform your exterior with lighting. Illuminating your yard not only gives it a magical glow at night, but it also provides safety benefits. It can prevent theft and reduce the risk of falls.

Ocean View Oregon Outdoor Lighting

Some common landscape lighting solutions include:

  • String lights hung between poles or trees
  • LED lights to illuminate pathways and overhangs
  • Pool lighting
  • Integrating lights into pathways and steps
  • Decorative lampposts
  • Motion-sensitive lights
  • Spotlights
  • Floodlights 

If you are looking for a professional installer, someone like Oregon Outdoor Lighting who be a highly recommended choice. 

Build a Pergola

Pergolas add all-season outdoor areas to your yard. They’re more affordable than an attached sunroom and can provide equal protection from the elements. Choose a pergola with an open roof for an airy feel that blends in with the environment. You can also add a roof for architectural style and a more finished look. 

You can protect your lawn furniture, hot tub and outdoor flooring with a pergola. This backyard structure also creates an intimate spot to gather with guests or read a book.

Oregon Garage Doors Image

Upgrade Your Garage Doors

It’s incredible how much a garage door upgrade can revamp your home’s curb appeal. Replacing the standard, white option with a customized design that complements your home’s architecture adds an unexpected finishing touch. Using a dark color or creating a barn door look infuses your home’s exterior with character.

Extend the Entryway

Give yourself a spot to duck out of the rain while you search for your keys with a front porch. Building a roof over your entryway creates an architectural focal point. It also keeps your house cleaner because it provides a buffer between your yard and your front door. 

Placing a few comfortable chairs out front gives you a spot for people-watching or drinking your morning coffee. Add some lighting to illuminate the inviting space at night.

Wood Accents

Wood is a popular element for architectural exterior design in Oregon because it mimics the natural splendor of the area. Adding wood accents to your siding is appropriate for many styles of homes no matter how rustic or contemporary they are. You can also incorporate wood into the fencing, shutters, doors and soffits. 

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