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By Visit Oregon

Jul 7, 2022 / 2:58 am

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The State of Oregon is known for its diverse landscapes and amazing scenery. Whether you’re a resident of the state or just a visitor, many folks want to rep the state they love with a t-shirt or other item of clothing. If that’s you, well you’re in luck!
Visit Oregon has launched an online store featuring some of the best “Oregon themed” t-shirts around. Including popular Oregon Trail Game T-shirts, Seaside Oregon Lifeguard Shirts, Oregon Beach Patrol Shirts, PNW Cross Shirts, Oregon Native and many more.
Plus, you can also find Beach Patrol shirts for your favorite coastal towns including Cannon Beach, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Newport, Florence, Brookings and more.
Many Oregon residents grew up playing the classic Oregon Trail Video Game. Well not you can get your very own Oregon Trail Game T-Shirt including popular meme’s like “Ford The River” and “You Have Died of Dysentery.”
We’ve also just launched a new version of the PNW Cross T-shirt featuring an Oregon logo in the bottom that’s a real crowd pleaser.
If you’re interested in shopping for some of the best Oregon themed T-shirts, Hoodies, and swag than just click on the link below.

The Oregon Trail Game is a very popular computer game that was developed in 1971. The game taught school children about the life of pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail. The game was so popular it inspired Oregon Trail Themed T-Shirts and much more. If you love the Oregon Trail Game as much as we do then get your Oregon Trail “You Have Died of Dysentery T-Shirt today!

Oregon Trail You Have Died of Dysentery T-Shirt

When pioneers were traveling the Oregon Trail they had to navigate unforgiving terrain in a covered wagon. These vehicles were critical in order to carry the amount of supplies nessacary to make the long trek across the United States. One of the main issues travelers would face is river crossing. The Oregon Trail Game made this a centerpiece of the gameplay by forcing players to “Ford the River” on multiple occasions. This was such a popular part of the game play that the Oregon Trail Ford the River T-Shirt was born.

Oregon Trail Ford the River T-Shirt
The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Wear it loud and proud with a new Pacific Northwest T-Shirt.

There’s more to Oregon than just a trail. Oregon also has some of the best beaches in the world! Popular cities like Seaside, Cannon Beach, Pacific City, Newport, Lincoln City and Brookings have redefined coastal beach lifestyle. Visit are shop to get the best themed Oregon T-Shrits.

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