Learn About Solar in Oregon With Smart Solar Energy Co.

In Oregon, switching to solar doesn’t just benefit the environment – it’s also the smart thing to do. There are a variety of financial incentives in place that make switching to solar an attractive option for Oregon homeowners.
Oregon homeowners who use Pacific Power or Portland General Electric benefit from a cash rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon when installing a new residential solar panel system. After installing solar panels, all Oregon homeowners experience cost savings every month through Oregon’s net energy metering mandate. Oregon’s power companies are required to credit homeowners with solar panels the excess energy that they send to the power grid during sunny days, drastically reducing power bills for those who have solar panels.
Additionally, the federal government offers a dollar-for-dollar rebate in exchange for installing solar panels. In 2021, this rebate is worth 22% of the total cost of a new solar system; in 2022, the rebate will be worth 10% of the cost of a new solar system; after 2022, this incentive will go away entirely.
Smart Solar Energy Co. focuses on educating Oregonians about their solar options and the available incentive, so every customer can make a smart decision about their unique situation. Check out their library of resources for Oregonians who are considering using solar energy to power their home:
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