At one point, Visit Oregon was used for an old traveling blog. On this page, we will repost all the old traveling blogs as we are able to dig them up.

Earth Day is Everyday in Oregon…or something like that

Well since Earth Day is upon us, I thought I’d mention the Oregon Garden. They have a great event every year signifying Earth Day. There are great giveaways, free admission, and overall good times for all.

Take a minute and check out the Garden. We all know there is one or more thing we could do to help Mother Nature, come learn about it at this Silverton treat. Also, while you’re there, have a bite to eat in downtown Silverton. Many great restaurants are in town such as O’Brien’s, El Toro, Silver Grill, and so on!

A whole week and what to do?

Spring Break in Oregon…what a fun time. Without a doubt, the most happen’ place on the Oregon Coast for Spring Break is Seaside. People walk up and down the boardwalk and downtown area and there is something to interest everyone in your vacationing party.

Also another way to enjoy the week off is to go camping. Check out all of Oregon’s State Parks.

After you go out and enjoy your adventure, post in my comments to let me know where you went and what you did!

Like "The Aviator"? You'll Love Seeing the Spruce Goose in Person

In McMinnville there is a treat for the whole family. The Evergreen Aviation Museum isolated across Highway 18 from The McMinnville Airport and offers something the whole family. At the museum you’ll find planes from all eras of aviation history. The highlight, however, is the grandest airplane of all – the Spruce Goose.

For those of you who don’t know, the Spruce Goose is the largest plane to take flight. Howard Hughes built his dream planeback in the 30’s and 40’s as an expression of American might. For those of you who have seen the Aviator movie, why not take a trip out to McMinnville and see the crown jewel of Hughes organization?

Click Here for a news article regarding it and click here to watch a video…