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Change Realty is a Lake Oswego business that operates throughout the Portland metropolitan area, including in Oregon cities such as Portland, Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Tigard and West Linn as well as across the Columbia River in Vancouver, Wash.
One of its features that the organization is most proud of is its 1% listing fee. That means that any homes that are sold with Change Realty’s assistance will have a listing fee of 1% or less. That is contrasted with the usual 5% or so that is the case with many real estate organizations in the area. As a result, homeowners generally save a significant amount of money, keeping more of their home’s equity.
As for buying homes, Change Realty’s agents know the local market in the various neighborhoods and communities that are located throughout the area, how they are changing and what trends in the future will most likely be. They then impart that knowledge on to those who are looking to buy a home to make the research process much less of a time-consuming activity than it otherwise would have been.
In fact, Change Realty has been involved with more than a thousand home sales in the Portland area over the past 17 years. The total amount of real estate value of those transactions comes to more than $500 million.
That high level of experience is also a selling point for the company as it looks to continue to be a force in the local market. This is because it is well known to many that those who are looking to sell or buy a home, particularly if they are new to the process, should secure the services of a realty company that is very experienced in that process, particularly because so much money is at stake, and also because it is a highly litigious process.
This local company is well versed with both sides of these types of transactions, with selling homes as well as buying them. That helps it understand what the other side of the process is likely thinking as it looks to either earn the most income from this sale or purchase a home for as low of a price as is possible.
However, earning or saving money is not the only important aspect of this process that is important. Change Realty also promotes the time that is saved through utilizing its services as being essential as well. As the saying goes, time is money, and the less time that is spent on this results in more time being able to be spent with family or friends or otherwise doing enjoyable things in their own lives.
From a buyer’s standpoint, that time saved can be partially the result of discussions between the agent and the buyer on what is desired in that new home, including any unique aspects as far as its location or features go. That knowledge is then used to quickly narrow down the options that are available.
For a seller, the time being saved is through a few different ways. One is that it is effectively priced, with the right balance between getting the most money out of the sale and not having it take too long to sell. Another is the aforementioned feature of avoiding potential time-consuming legal issues down the line.
Change Realty’s website includes descriptions of various Portland-area communities with listings of homes that are available in those areas and that can be purchased through Change Realty on those pages.
Those descriptions can also be quite useful to prospective buyers. For example, on its Oregon City page, it states that the area has “a rich history and amazing views” as well as a “hometown feel” that makes it a good place to raise a family. Also available on those respective pages is information related to the local community’s cost of living, average home values for houses that are situated there and its location.
This company has been locally owned and operated throughout its existence. It deals with residential real estate; it does not handle commercial real estate transactions.
Bill Gaffney is the company’s owner and principle broker while he is assisted by Scott Hunsdon, a broker.