DIY Steel

Pioneering Steel Industry Leaders

When you think about the backbone of Oregon and SW Washington’s do-it-yourself (DIY) community, two names inevitably come to mind: DIY Steel and Standard Steel.
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The Historical Legacy of Standard Steel

Standard Steel, which was established way back in 1945, has long been the vanguard in the steel industry. It’s like that dependable old tree in your backyard that has seen generations come and go, providing shade and support.

The Advent of DIY Steel

Fast forward to 2021, and DIY Steel was born. Why? To focus on the evolving needs of DIYers, machine shops, fabricators, manufacturers, and maintenance specialists across Oregon and SW Washington.

Our Wide Array of Offerings

The Essence of Variety

From those Sunday afternoon DIY projects to major commercial tasks, we have the steel products you need. Picture this: a library that has every book you could ever want. That’s us, but for steel. Our inventory boasts mild steel in virtually every size and variety imaginable. But steel isn’t our only forte. Have a fencing project? Or maybe some landscaping or building in mind? Our selection of decorative and functional accessories will cater to all these needs and more. We’re also home to top-notch welding supplies from reputed brands. Think of it as the cherry on top!

Unmatched Production Capabilities

Inventory Meets Production

It’s one thing to have an extensive inventory. It’s another to back it up with robust production capabilities. And guess what? We do both. Imagine a chef with all the ingredients and the best kitchen tools at their disposal – that’s how equipped we are to serve you! To us, customer service isn’t just about sales. It’s about building relationships. It’s about trust. Would you buy bread from a baker you don’t trust? The same goes for steel. Our exceptional customer service is the bedrock of our operations, ensuring every client feels valued.

The DNA of Our Operations

Everything we do revolves around one mission: to offer the best products and unmatched customer support. It’s like constructing a skyscraper; our inventory and production capability are the beams and pillars, while our customer service is the foundation. Standard Steel’s establishment in 1945 wasn’t just the birth of a company; it was the start of a legacy. With DIY Steel now part of our family, we’ve blended tradition with modernity. Be it a machine shop looking for specific steel parts or a DIY enthusiast wanting to craft a garden ornament, we’re here for you. Only the best for our customers. Our welding supplies, accessories, and more are sourced from leading brands you can trust.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re an individual DIYer or a large manufacturer, DIY Steel and Standard Steel are committed to your success. From our extensive inventory to our unmatched customer support, we are the beacon for all things steel in Oregon and SW Washington.
Got questions? Let’s delve into some frequently asked ones.


What sets DIY Steel apart from other steel providers?

Our rich legacy, combined with our extensive product range and top-notch customer support, makes us unparalleled in the industry.

Do you provide custom steel solutions?

Absolutely! From specific sizes to unique designs, we cater to bespoke requests.

Can I visit your facilities to see the products firsthand?

Yes, we welcome visitors. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Do you have partnerships with specific brands for welding supplies?

We work with multiple top brands, ensuring a diverse and quality selection for our customers.

I'm new to DIY projects. Can I get guidance on which products to buy?

Of course! Our team is always ready to assist and guide you to make the right choices.