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When it’s time for a new lighting system, turn to Oregon Outdoor Lighting. For the past 15 years, they have been providing expert lighting services throughout Oregon.The team at Oregon Outdoor Lighting have worked on hundreds of projects and installed over 100,000 lights.
Oregon Outdoor Lighting is truly enthusiastic about design and technology. They pride themselves on providing beautiful, functional and efficient lighting systems that highlight all the best features of your home and landscape. With every system they create, they prioritize curb appeal and functionality. The end result is a custom design that works for your unique landscape and lifestyle.
Not only does Oregon Outdoor Lighting provide the best possible service, but they also use the highest quality lighting products. Their lighting installations are performed with high-quality LED light products. Over the years, they’ve found that LEDs provide the best performance while reducing your monthly energy bills. Thanks to their fantastic reputation, they’ve been able to secure deals with the most reputable lighting providers in the industry. Oregon Outdoor Lighting is one of the only two approved Garden Light LED vendors in the entire Pacific Northwest.
Their focus is primarily on large-scale projects an high-end personal residences. They regularly work with industry professionals and luxury homeowners. When you want an impressive, elaborate lighting system that perfectly highlights your space, they are here to help. No matter how big the space is, Oregon Outdoor Lighting can make your outdoor lighting dreams a reality.

Offering a Wide Variety of Helpful Lighting Services

Oregon Outdoor Lighting is proud to provide expert lighting installation services. Whether you want to upgrade a few lights or completely revamp your system, they can help. Thanks to their highly-trained technicians, no project is too complex. They have the know-how to manage challenges like installing large fixtures in pre-set cement or attaching lights without damaging a building.
Furthermore, the team ensures that your system is easy and simple to run. Oregon Outdoor Lighting also provides advanced lighting control systems. Many of our customers prefer automated lights that run on a schedule while others like being able to fine-tune light levels at any time of day. They can help you find a lighting control system that works for you and give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

In addition to our lighting installs, they also offer maintenance and repairs. Oregon Outdoor Lighting will be there to ensure that your system works great for years to come. Though LED systems don’t need bulb changes, it’s still come important to occasionally clean, adjust, and check up on your system. In the rare event of any damage, the technicians are happy to come by, diagnose the issue, and get your lights up and running again.

What to Expect When You Work With Us

At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, customers can always rely on them to provide professional, high-quality lighting solutions. For every project, big or small, we follow the same tried-and-trusted process. The process starts with a free consultation. The team will discuss your lighting needs and get design ideas for your project.
Next, they work up a detailed project plan. They’ll draft a custom lighting design and provide estimates. To make sure you’re completely satisfied with the design, they also offer nighttime demos. That way, you can see the products in action and get an idea of how the final project will look. Once you’re happy with the proposal, we finalize the agreement and schedule installation.
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The Oregon Outdoor Lighting team handles every step of installation for you. they’ll prepare your property for a lighting system, mount the lights securely in place, test them to ensure they all work, and clean up afterward. They make sure to leave your property looking even better than they found it.
Once you have a few days to live with your lighting, they follow up to see how it’s working out. If necessary, they are happy to provide adjustments. In fact, Oregon Outdoor Lighting is so confident in their services that they offer a full refund if you don’t love your lighting.

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No matter what type of lighting services you choose, you can always be confident that they'll provide top-quality customer service. The team members are reliable, professional, and friendly, and they always prioritize staying on schedule and communicating with their customers. They are always willing to go the extra mile for clients and provide truly incredible results.