Random Acts Of


Random Acts of Encouragement is the best way to lift someone up with no strings attached!

The innovative website gives anyone the ability to anonymously send an encouragement card with the click of the button. The process is simple. Pick a message and enter the address and the card will be mailed out for you. The best part is the card is anonymous with no strings attached. An encouragement card from Random Acts of Encouragement is quick and easy way to send love to someone who needs it.
There’s many different card ideas to chose from that are perfect for kids, adults, veterans and more. Is there someone in your life that needs a random act of encouragement? This is your chance to make a difference. On the site there are many different messages to choose from. One of my favorite is a card for adults that says “If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how incredible you truly are!”
There’s also a card for veterans that goes “Few people understand freedom is not free, even fewer have the courage to defend it. Thank you for your service.” We all know the struggles veterans deal with overseas or when they transition back to regular life. Those struggles can include depression, lack of purpose, and more. Random Acts of Encouragement makes it easy to show your support at a critical time. Thanking a veteran for their service can go a long way to improving their day.
If you want to learn more about Random Acts of Encouragement visit their website by clicking on the link below. You can send out an encouragement card for as little as 5 dollars with postage included. Or sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know about card discounts and new releases.