Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

If you have watched the famous movies, “The Goonies” and “Twilight”, then you’ve seen the picturesque views of Cannon Beach. This small, coastal town attracts thousands of tourists each year and for good reason! The mild climate is comparable to the soothing Mediterranean climate, the history is remarkable, the views are out-of-this-world amazing, and the culture is classic, warm and inviting. If you’re planning a trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon, let’s take a look at what you can expect!

It’s not far from the major city of Portland!

Cannon Beach is only a 90 minute drive from the city of Portland. In fact, many people that live in the city take weekend trips to Cannon Beach. It’s nice to have the convenience of city life nearby without compromising the quality of a rural, small-town vacation.

The history is incredible!

Do you remember learning about the Lewis and Clark Expedition during your school years? Oregon was one of their destinations! Captain William Clark explored the Cannon Beach area in 1806. If you’re a hiker AND a history buff, then check out the Tillamook Head Trail. This is a 6 mile trail that allows you to retrace the steps of Captain Clark and his expedition members. He and his fellow explorers settled down for the winter at Fort Clatsop that’s 20 miles north from Cannon Beach. (Clatsop County’s name originated from Fort Clatsop.)

Of course, there are other historical sites to visit at Cannon Beach such as the Cannon Beach History Center that shares artifacts, photographs, relics and more! Even better? The admission is free to everyone!

Nature surrounds you at Cannon Beach.

Oregon has the reputation for rural, picturesque views and a variety of landscapes. Things are no different in Cannon Beach. The area is most known for the landmark named “Haystack Rock” that sits along the beach and stands tall at 235 feet in elevation. Haystack Rock is proudly showcased in the movies, “The Goonies” and “Twilight”. It’s often accessible when the tide is low and during the summer months. Otherwise, shallow ocean water surrounds the base as it rests alongside the beach. (Nature preserve protection laws prevent people from venturing closer than 100 feet to the famed rock.)

Cannon Beach offers plenty of fun events!

Many visitors come to Cannon Beach to experience the beauty of Haystack Rock and nature trails surrounding the area. However, the town has plenty of cultural experiences to share with you as well!

If you love to build sand castles, be sure to visit the town during the month of June. Every June, the town hosts a contest for building sand castles. Bring your buckets and shovels and build an award-winning sand castle on the beach while Haystack Rock stands in the distance!

If you are an artsy person, the town hosts the Spring Unveiling Arts Festival every year. The Stormy Weather Arts Festival is another popular attraction for artsy folks. It’s held every year in November. These events allow you to participate in the local scene AND to find original art pieces that are native to the Cannon Beach area.

While in town, you may also want to check out the tours for classic cottages! Many of the area’s cottages are vintage and have been around since the early settlements. If this interests you, look into the annual Cottage Tour!

There’s plenty of tasty locations to check out!

If you’re a chocolate fanatic, then you MUST visit the Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe. Anything chocolate, they have it. It’s small and quaint with their classic, yellow, 1950’s station wagon parked in the front of the store. However, they have the BEST homemade dark chocolate orange truffles!

Another popular place in town is Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. Any child or adult that’s young-at-heart will get excited when their eyes are attracted to the pink and white striped store exterior. It’s at Bruce’s Candy Kitchen that you can indulge in homemade salt-water taffy, gummies, sours, peppermint bark, wrapped humbugs and more.

If you’re passionate about beer, Oregon has it waiting for you! In Cannon Beach, you need to visit Bill’s Tavern and Brewhouse and Cannon Beach Distillery. You won’t be disappointed.

Beachcomber Vacation Homes

Don’t forget to check out Cannon Beach’s amazing vacation rentals!

Cannon Beach offers an array of vacation rentals that can meet the needs and desires of most visitors. However, we will share with you two places in particular that are cozy, spacious and inviting.

If you want to rent a home-away-from home, then look no further than Anchor’s Retreat. It’s ocean-side location is perfect for the Cannon Beach experience. With jaw-dropping views of the vast Pacific Ocean, a large wrap-around porch and a whopping five bedrooms, this private home is rented to visitors on the regular. It comes with everything that you need for a large family.

Our second choice for vacation rentals in Cannon Beach is the Arbor House. This home offers more privacy as it’s nestled underneath the trees with a grassy backyard. However, it gives you the real-life feel as it’s located on a residential street with occasional views of the famous Haystack Rock. Slightly smaller than the Anchor’s Retreat, this cozy home has two bedrooms and two stories. It’s location is perfect for taking walks as it’s only a half mile from downtown Cannon Beach, and a half mile from the beach.

If you’re searching for a great coastal town in Oregon to visit, look no further than Cannon Beach! It provides the small town experience with a short drive to Portland and surrounding National Wildlife Refuges and picturesque sites.

For more information on vacation rentals, contact Beachcomber Vacation Homes in Cannon Beach.

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