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Welcome to beautiful Cannon Beach OR. Here’s what you need to know.

Ah, Cannon Beach. The name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? In fact, the name itself sparks a sense of curiosity and allure to the mind that naturally draws a person to it. If you have never been to Cannon Beach, it’s time for you to have a dose of “fear of missing out”.
Sitting on the picturesque Oregonian coastline, Cannon Beach has, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches my eyes have ever viewed. Perhaps it has something to do with the famous Haystack Rock and how it stands boldly in the shallow waters, continually beaten by white-capped waves. Or it has something to do with the clean coast and how the natural sand rests in perfect harmony alongside the Pacific waters.
Apparently, I am not the only one who finds that Cannon Beach carries a mysterious allure that mesmerizes the soul. Film directors have discovered the mystic charm of this whimsical place through the years. Movies such as Twilight and The Goonies were both filmed on location at Cannon Beach. As a child, I remember watching The Goonies and dreaming of being in such a magical place as that beach with the majestic rocks. In my mind, the scene appeared almost otherworldly.
Let’s take a look at everything that is Cannon Beach. Welcome to your adventure.

Where is Cannon Beach, Oregon?

If you’re a geography guru and have never heard of Cannon Beach, Oregon before, don’t worry.
“Cannon Beach is one of the cutest towns I have ever seen on the Oregon coast. Haystack Rock is breathtaking!” – Recent Visitor
Cannon Beach is located on the Northwest portion of the Oregon coast. It’s approximately 86 miles west of Portland (1 hours and 50 minute drive from the airport (PDX)) and has an elevation of 50 feet.
Cannon Beach City

The Population of Cannon Beach

As of 2020, Cannon Beach has a population of 1,775 residents. If you love statistics, you will enjoy knowing that Cannon Beach is 132nd on the list of largest cities in the state of Oregon. And if you REALLY love statistics, the small town is 8076th on the list of largest cities in the United States! In other words, it’s a small community with breathtakingly beautiful views.
While I’m discussing statistics, let’s look at more population numbers. The beachtown is growing yearly at a rate of 0.74% and interestingly, the population has expanded by 5.03% since the last census in 2010. Concerning the age ranges for Cannon Beach, the median age is 43.9 years.

The Geographic Location of Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is located on the northwestern edge of Oregon in Clatsop County on the coast. The community has many neighboring towns and cities listed below:

Cities and Towns near Cannon Beach:

Portland – 67 miles East
Astoria – 21 miles North
Seaside – 12 miles North
Manzanita – 8 miles South
Bay City – 22 miles South
Wheeler – 14 miles South
Warrenton – 16 miles North
Obviously, the largest of these neighboring cities is Portland. Residents and visitors love the convenience of having a large city like Portland nearby for many reasons: airport, work, medical, entertainment and more.
Seaside, Warrenton and Astoria are the larger communities from the rest of the towns on the list. These three towns together average a population of 6,000 residents. Thus, Cannon Beach is not isolated in the middle of nowhere! It’s a natural gem in a convenient location.

The Geographical Landscape and Climate for Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is, well, a beach! It sits on the Pacific Coast in the northwestern corner of the state. However, the most recognized geographical landscape in Cannon Beach is iconic Haystack Rock. This natural beauty stands tall at 235 feet and sits just off the edge of the beach. It is usually surrounded by the shallow waters of the Pacific unless the tide is low and offers a dry path to the landmark. Keep in mind though that Haystack Rock is protected by the government as a natural preservation; therefore, no one can get within 100 feet of it.
Cannon Beach has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Their weather consists of mild, “dryer” summers with temperatures that rarely average about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It rarely gets hot during the warmest summer months in August! The winter time temperatures generally hover around 50 degrees Fahrenheit with dips down to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike the dryer summer months, the winter months in Cannon Beach are often very wet and rainy. Also expect the occasional wind storm in the winter which can be fun if you are inside watching it. Snow does occasionally fall in Cannon Beach but not to an overwhelming amount and typically only for a day or so at best.

Outdoor Recreation in Cannon Beach

Don’t be fooled by the small town feel of Cannon Beach; there are PLENTY of recreational activities to be enjoyed!

Activities Include:

Hiking and Walking Trails

Cannon Beach is surrounded by many opportunities for hiking and walking. For starters, does a relaxing stroll along the beach in view of Haystack Rock sound appealing to you? People travel from all over the country to have a relaxing walk on the beach with the famed landmark. It’s a moment you would not want to leave out of your photo album!

Folks also enjoy walking and hiking at the nearby Ecola State Park where you can be immersed in nature. From the crisp, green leaves and tall trees to the serene wildlife and fantastic views, Ecola State Park should not be left off of your bucket list.

Play In The Tide Pools

If you have never searched through a tide pool before, you must try it and there is no better view and play then at Haystack Rock. Summer time is the best as the surf is calmer, the sun is out, and the tides are lower. Check the local tides and be sure to time it so you get there at low tide. As a kid, I always looked forward to searching the tide pools even being a local myself. If you have kids, they will love it.

Building Sand Castles

Yes, you read the subtitle correctly: Building Sand Castles. Cannon Beach offers a unique contest every June for building sand castles. Do you have what it takes to be the next award-winning sand castle construction worker? Sign up to show your skills! By the way, the contest is held on the beach near the infamous Haystack Rock. If not, feel free to build your own any time of the year. There simply isn’t enough that can be said about that picturesque landmark!

Cannon Beach Chocolate Cafe

Who said that I cannot add this impeccable chocolate cafe to my list of outdoor recreational activities? You can eat chocolate outside! All jokes aside, Cannon Beach truly makes the BEST chocolate I have ever tasted. Unless you are the .0001% of the population who does not enjoy chocolate, swing by this dainty cafe and purchase a sweet treat for your leisurely stroll on the beach. It’s the best!

Cannon Beach Economics

Pull up a chair and let’s have a small lesson on Cannon Beach economics. Before you decide on moving your entire life to this magical place, it’s important to have an idea of the town’s economical status.

Job Market Details

While Cannon Beach is largely a quiet retreat for families and retired citizens, it still carries some weight in the job market. Currently, the unemployment rate for Cannon Beach is 3.8%. The job market has not increased or decreased in the last year. (Remember, this is a community with a very low population.) However, the job growth for the next decade is expected to be 36.7%. This is a healthy outlook considering the expected job growth for the U.S. in the next ten years is 33.5%.

Job Industry

The highest paid job position in Cannon Beach is healthcare practitioner work which earns an average salary of $101,000 yearly.

Financial, business and management positions are the next highest paid careers in Cannon Beach with average salaries anywhere from $40,000 to $52,000 yearly.

Other career options in the community are fishing, forestry, education, retail, construction, food service, repair and maintenance and more.

Average and Median Household Incomes

The average yearly income for residents of Cannon Beach is $31,000.

The median household income for residents of Cannon Beach is $44,000.

Tax Rates

The tax rates for Cannon Beach are as follows:

  • Sales Tax Rate: 0.0% (It’s important to note that the state of Oregon does not impose a sales tax.)
  • Income Tax Rate: 9.0% (Unfortunately, this number is well above the U.S. average due to the lack of sales tax.)

The History of Cannon Beach

How did the town come to be named Cannon Beach? In the year 1846, the USS Shark had a shipwreck just off the shoreline from current day Cannon Beach. The ship’s cannon washed ashore and became an identifier for the location. People started to refer to the area as “Cannon Beach”. After decades of this, the community officially adopted the name, “Cannon Beach” in 1922. To this day, the cannon is still hanging around at the Cannon Beach History Center.

Ironically, in 2008, two more cannons were discovered on the beach and are believed to have come from the USS Shark. However, the two cannons are still in research at Texas A&M University until verification is obtained on these origins.

The Real Estate Market in Cannon Beach

The real estate market in Cannon Beach is more popular than ever. The more publicity it gets, the more interest people develop in this beautiful region of Oregon. If you’re considering a move to Cannon Beach, take a look at these real estate statistics. It will help you gain an idea on what’s out there before you make an investment.

The average cost for a single-family home in Cannon Beach is currently $582,000. This number encompasses not only the brick and mortar element of the house but the location and oceanic views as well. Over the last ten years, home appreciation has risen by 9.5.%. Again, this is likely attributed to the increase in publicity for the area.

Some other interesting facts:

  • The median age for homes in Cannon Beach is 33 years.
  • The Cannon Beach population consists of approximately 18% of renters.
  • The houses or apartments available for rent in Cannon Beach stand at 3.0%.


So even if you feel uneasy with making a home purchase right away, you always have the option to rent a home in Oregonian paradise.

Now you can plan your trip to Cannon Beach with ease!

Hopefully you’re as excited as I am about your interest in this charming Oregonian town! In Cannon Beach, you get to enjoy the benefits of an old town feel, saltwater treats, spectacular views, unique “mini climate” characteristics, simplicity and right on the ocean.

We Look Forward to Seeing You in Cannon Beach!

Now that you’ve been given the brief overview of the lovely town of Cannon Beach, what do you say? Are you ready for that move? Spend the day in Cannon Beach and think about it more. You’ll meet friendly people and make new friends. Cannon Beach, Oregon has so much to offer!

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